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Erik Klein Wolterink works like a cartographer in making inventories of living environments and photographing them. He charts the kitchens of the various population groups in the Netherlands. In doing so, Klein Wolterink photographs every cupboard, drawer, oven, refrigerator and sink separately. After that he reassembles all of the photos in collage form to make a complete kitchen. The result is alienating, pinpoint-sharp maps of all sorts of households with different cultural backgrounds.

This project was supported by Stadsarchief Amsterdam (Municipal Archives) and the Amsterdam Art Fund.

In 2010 Klein Wolterink was the winner of the prestigious Dutch photography prize, ‘Bouw in Beeldprijs’. The jury characterized his series of photographs titled ‘Terug Thuus’ (dialect for ‘back home’) as ‘more than the translation of the theme into regional dialect. With telling images, the essence of the theme is creatively reached here. Good images, interestingly grouped in a clear, orderly presentation. A kitchen that has unchangingly remained “home” throughout the years.’

Klein Wolterink photographed the history of his parental home by combining material from family albums and newly made photographs.

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