Seoul Sessions
Jisan Ahn and Raymond Lemstra
Duo exhibition
10 02 '18 / 24 03 '18
Opening: Saturday 10 February 2018, 16:00-18:00

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Jisan Ahn
Raymond Lemstra
`Seoul Sessions`
Between 10 February and 24 March, Galerie Bart is showing ‘Seoul Sessions’: a duo exhibition with the work of Jisan Ahn (b. 1979, KR) and Raymond Lemstra (b. 1978, NL). Both artists studied in Groningen and currently live in Seoul. Each of them has known what it is like to be a newcomer, an outsider.

After coming to the Netherlands, Ahn realized that his prior focus on Korean political subjects was not relevant everywhere in the world. He began looking for new, more general subjects. A major source of inspiration for his newest series is Korean commercials from the 1970s. These were not slick marketing campaigns but had a naïve quality about them. They were direct, without any hidden agenda. Ahn places this old-fashioned visual idiom in today’s age by eliminating all references to the original context. As a result, the image itself takes centre stage, allowing room for a more universal meaning.

Lemstra has also had to deal with being ‘different’. After moving to Seoul in 2016, he had the tendency to shut himself up in his studio because of the language barrier and the great differences in social conventions. In order to nevertheless get a grip on the alienating and overwhelming city, he started collecting the many posters and stickers spread throughout the streetscape. This ‘skin of the city’ forms the background for his imagined portraits, which are painted in a less polished and flawless manner than the figures he made before living in South Korea. They have a certain vulnerability, perhaps reflecting their maker’s state of mind.

Both of the artists hold up a mirror to themselves, but also to us. Who am I, versus the other? How do I look at the other; how does the other look at me? Who were we in the past, versus how we are in the present? Topical and universal questions that can be posed time and again.
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