Frode Bolhuis

The artistic practice of Frode Bolhuis is signified by an interdisciplinary interest in history, narrative and transiency. His sculptures, consisting of materials like textiles, self-made clays and bright pigments, are full of meaning, yet not to be unraveled completely. Figurines, masks and objects of relic-like proportions form the core of his playful oeuvre, shifting between endless phantasy and traceable non-fiction. The figures belong together but at the same time they all are in a world of their own, dancing without taking notice of anyone else, some exuberantly, others quietly with their eyes closed.

At first Frode’s practice consisted of roughly finished bronze sculptures and later of works made from the more refined Acrylic One. Currently, his use of clay has made his figures rougher again; you can almost follow the movements of his hand. His studio is loaded with colourful sheets of paper, clay, washi tape, fabric and sewing notions. Coming in here, your hands start itching to make something too, just pick up something and see what happens. That’s how Frode works as well: ‘That aspect of just doing something is very important, and I’m crazy about material. Working on several things at the same time is my way of coming up with something.’ Whatever material Frode chooses for his sculptures, the surface is always very important. In his two-dimensional work, fine knife cuts and three-dimensional elements form reliefs – even when using materials that are less usual for him, such as canvas or paper, he remains a sculptor.

• Recent exhibitions at Galerie Bart: KunstRAI 2020 • KunstRAI 2019 • A Contagious Affair 2018.


Frode Bolhuis, born 1979 in Enschede, lives and works in his self-built house and studio in Almere. He has obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from both the St. Oswald’s Academy in London and the Minerva Academy Groningen, and currently teaches at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Frode has been exhibiting since 2004 solo and in groups, in The Netherlands and abroad, both in galleries and museums. Among these occasions are exhibitions at Museum de Fundatie, Museum Waterland, Museum Nairac, Courtyard Gallery in Edinburgh UK, Tokiwa Museum in Ube City JP and Galerie Bart. Moreover, Frode has participated in various art fairs, including KunstRAI, PAN Amstedam and I AMsterdam, You BErlin.

His works can be found in the collections of KPMG, Eneco, Menzis, Dela, the Municipalities of Amsterdam and Putten, Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle, Isala Hospital and numerous private collectors. In addition, many municipalities have asked Frode to create artwork or designs for the public space. The collaboration between Galerie Bart and Frode Bolhuis dates back to 2011. It has resulted in multiple exhibitions and the annual participation in art fairs.

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2020 •
08.01 Hi Fructose The Figurative Sculptures of Frode Bolhuis by Andy Smith.

2019 •
29.08 Het Parool Gallery Viewer by Manuela Klerkx and Oscar van Gelderen.

2018 •
17.11 Textielplus Frode Bolhuis toont met “A Contagious Affair” textiel werk by Herma Meere.

2016 •
25.10 Bouwwereld Flexibel wonen achter glazen gevel by Henk Wind.
28.12 NOS Woonproject Oosterwold: vrijheid in de Flevopolder, editorial.

2015 •
Frode Bolhuis ‘Nothing but a Feeling’, published by Museum Nairac and Galerie Wilms.

2014 •
12.06 NRC Handelsblad De UFO’s van Frode Bolhuis en Lenneke van der Goot by Gijsbert van der Wal.
11.06 NRC Next Wat er in ons hoofd gebeurt als we slapen by Gijsbert van der Wal.

Frode Bolhuis