Hans Roos

As a graphic designer and illustrator, Hans Roos was bound to the rectangular frame of his screen for many years. In his paintings, he decided to abandon that form and go back to the basics of how we see: through our eyes. Since then he has painted within a rounded frame, a move that turned out to be drastic: ‘I had to learn to paint again. A circle tends to start rolling, you can’t easily bring the image to a standstill.’ Rather than opting for a central composition, which the circle logically invites, Hans uses asymmetry to control the complexity of the composition.

In order to be able to completely get away from the laws of the rectangular frame, Hans started an in-depth investigation into form. ‘No corners, no hotspots, no golden section. There’s a different experience of gravity, of above and below. What’s more, the circle seems to point mainly towards itself and its own centre, due to the lack of a relation with the straight lines that are to be found in its surroundings.’ For this reason, he also explicitly scrutinized the boundaries of the painted surface. Ornamental details used on frames, which traditionally are a buffer between the interior and exterior space, recur in his paintings as the main motif. However, corners are not completely absent within the round surface. Sometimes the straight line is barely noticeable, while at other times a sharp corner jabs at the edge of a painting – almost painfully – putting our gaze on alert.

• Recent exhibition at Galerie Bart: Curves and Corners 2020.


Hans Roos (1950, NL) graduated from Minerva Academy in Groningen in 1980 and continued to work there as a teacher of graphic design until he retired in 2014. Since then he has taken up painting and has been exhibiting both in the Netherlands and Germany. He had a solo exhibition at Bos Fine Art in The Hague in 2018 and participated in the group exhibition Ausstellung des 4 Internationalen André Evard Preises für konkret-konstruktive Kunst in Kunsthalle Messmer, Riegel aim Kasierstuhl in 2016. In 2018 he stayed as artist in residence at AIR le PARC, Pampelonne in France. More information coming soon.

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2020 •
26.06 Parool Roos en Lemstra husselen alles door elkaar by Kees Keijer.
20.05 Juxtapoz Magazine ‘Curvers and Corners: Raymond Lemstra and Hans Roos Take Over Amsterdam’

Hans Roos