Harry Markusse

The work of Harry Markusse consists of abstract and fundamentally minimalist painting. He studies and experiments with colour, shape and movement. While working, challenges and choices for painterly solutions arise within the pre-chosen and deliberately brief concept. The work therefore expresses itself in different series. By mirroring, tilting, shifting, repeating and partly overpainting shapes, a layered image is created with strong contrasts in colour (or sometimes only subtle tones). He seeks harmony between form & residual form, foreground & background, movement & countermovement and flatness & spatiality.

Harry combines murals with existing paintings, but he also mixes paintings with graphics. He always investigates what a painting is, what a painting can and might be. He cuts, folds, reuses and positions paintings in a different way, approaching the painting as an object. This re-selecting and arranging of shape and colour is very similar to what Harry does during the process of painting.

• Recent exhibitions at Galerie Bart: Amongst Clashing Colours 2021 • KunstRAI 2020 • Art Pong 2020 at Expo Bart Nijmegen • KunstRAI 2019.


Artist Harry Markusse, born in 1990, currently lives and works in Amsterdam. In 2013 he graduated from Academie Minerva in Groningen with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. He extended his education by obtaining an MFA program certificate at the Escola Massana in Barcelona ES. Furthermore, he has been invited for residencies at the Leipzig DE International Art Programme and Livingstone Gallery in Berlin DE. His abstract and minimalist paintings challenge notions of movement, color, and spatiality.

Harry has been exhibiting his work since his graduation in 2013, solo and in groups, primarily in Dutch galleries and art institutions. Among these occasions are exhibitions at Arti & Amicitiae in Amsterdam, Grasso in Barcelona ES, W139 Amsterdam, Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Collectie de Groen in Arnhem, and Livingstone Gallery in Berlin BE.

The collaboration between Galerie Bart and Harry Markusse dates back to 2014 and has resulted in various exhibitions and participation in fairs such as PAN Amsterdam, Art on Paper, and KunstRAI. Moreover, Harry’s work has been on display at Art Rotterdam, Art The Hague, and Dutch Design Week. He has been nominated for the Royal Award For Modern Painting and was granted multiple stipends by the Mondriaan Foundation.

Harry Markusse’s paintings are part of the art collections of Museum Voorlinden, AkzoNobel Art Foundation, CBK Amsterdam, SBK Amsterdam, DELA, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs The Hague, and several private collectors.

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2020 •
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Harry Markusse