Katarina Juričić

Katarina Juričić is an artist and researcher on photography, seeking for new forms to embody photography and explore its physicality. She designs environments in which immaterial substances of light and color gain their physical properties and evoke a familiar experience.

We see, think and live in images. And more often than not, images we encounter are digital and therefore immaterial, yet we accept them as real. Taking this paradox as a starting point for her work, Katarina studies the potential of photography to visualise the equally intangible, but more mysterious concept of human mind.

In this time, when we engage with the world from the surface of our screens which in turn simplifies and dematerialises our experience of the world, Katarina’s work follows the desire to re-establish an emotional and physical connection to the environment. The final form of the work are installations in which light, colours, materials and motifs from the photographic work expand into the space and create a living image.

• Recent exhibitions: The Great Photography Special 2020 • New Talent 2019 at Expo Bart Nijmegen.


Katarina Juričić born in 1994, Zagreb HR, is currently based in-between The Hague and Zagreb. After getting her BA degree in Journalism in Zagreb, she moved to the Netherlands to further her artistic practice, where she graduated in 2019 from the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague, and studied Cinema, televisione e produzione multimediale via the Erasmus exchange program at Università di Bologna IT. In addition she followed internships at Felicity Hammond and Black Tower Project Space in London UK.

She has been exhibiting internationally since 2017. Her work was shown among other places, at Unseen Amsterdam, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid, Gallery DobraVaga in Ljubljana SI, Vinyl in Zagreb Rietveld pavillion in Amersfoort, Ron Mandos Gallery and Galerie Bart Nijmegen. In the last two years she has had solo / duo exhibitions at Organ Vida Photography Festival, Zagreb, Galerie Heden and exhibition space Trixie in The Hague. Two of her works have been included into the collection of AkzoNobel. In 2021 she obtained the Mondriaan Fonds: Artist Start Stipendium.

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2020 •
21.12 Het Parool GalleryViewer: De keuze van Elisah van den Bergh ‘Het leukst om te kijken is in het atelier’ by Manuela Klerkx and Oscar van Gelderen.
22.04 Tzvetnik Episode 2: ‘Dunes’, Off-Site Project by Dharma Initiatives, The Hague, editorial.
We Are The Collection / AkzoNobel Art Foundation artist Dan Asher by Katarina Juričić.

2019 •
24.10 Villa Next Door 2 On Your Own; Haagse Kunstkring, The Hague by Bertus Pieters.
07.08 C 41 Magazine Katarina Juričić explores emotional relationships with her environment, editorial.
26.07 The Calvert Journal A Croatian photographer turns her holiday memories into minimal still lives by Liza Premiyak.
01.06 Baobab Magazine #3 Remixing Europe, co-edited by Katarina Juričić.
02.04 Paper Journal Instagram Takeover – Katarina Juričić, by Katarina Juričić.
Ignant On Homesickness And The Sea: In Conversation With Katarina Juricic by Stephanie Wade.
Fontanel Magazine A chat with Katarina Juričić, editorial.

Katarina Juričić