Wim Jacobs

Canvases that are not densely painted but instead exhibit a relative emptiness from which forms and colours emerge. Wim Jacobs uses his visual elements sparingly. As a counterbalance to the carefulness with which he applies details to the canvas, there is an element of spontaneity, however. ‘I continually question my work, seeking images, building and constructing. I look for a long time, wait before making choices, but occasionally take risks in which strokes of luck and coincidence can play a role.’

Characteristic forms repeat themselves, marking a recognizable visual idiom of their own. The act of painting lies at the heart of everything. The honesty with which the materials are presented – oil paint, pencil and oil pastel, but also the structure of the canvas as substratum – gives a personal glimpse into the creative process, without the work revealing all of its secrets. As you view it, you share in Wim’s exploration, seeking, suddenly knowing something with certainty and then having doubts about it again.

• Recent exhibitions at Galerie Bart: Connection 2022Composing the Perphaps 2021.


Wim Jacobs, born in 1983 in Eindhoven, is currently based in Antwerp, Belgium. He obtained his bachelor of Fine arts at the Visual Arts Academy Sint-Lukas in Brussels and Antwerp. He has been exhibiting in Belgium in solo, duo and group exhibitions since. Wim’s work has been on show for many years at F.J. Design and Galerie Unicaat. In recent years, this has accelerated with exhibitions in National 55, Kunst aan de stroom, Galerie Ludwig Trossaert, Breedlijn en Ruimte 34, all of which are located in Antwerp. Throughout the years, the interaction between form and colour in combination with the quest for balance resulted in his own visual language. The majority of his work is abstract, while the more figurative work can be rather spontaneous and experimental. Nonetheless, the same characteristics return. Galerie Bart recognised Wim as an emerging talent and is bringing his work to the Netherlands for the first time. Starting march 2021, Jacobs’ work will be on display with a duo exhibition at Galerie Bart in Amsterdam. 

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Wim Jacobs