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“Making art is like an adventure to me. I never know what is going to happen. It appears while I'm working and I behold it in wonder. What I create is evidently influenced by my interests, my past and by art history, yet while I'm working on my sculptures something new happens. Something that goes beyond myself, or at least beyond the bit of me that thinks. It grows from something indescribable and I therefore regard the results more as presents than achievements.

Frode's studio is loaded with colourful sheets of paper, clay, washi tape, fabric and sewing notions. Coming in here, your hands start itching to make something too, just pick up something and see what happens. That’s how Frode works as well: ‘That aspect of just doing something is very important, and I’m crazy about material. Working on several things at the same time is my way of coming up with something.’ Although he never has suffered from artist’s block, a moment of crisis when making a work is almost always what determines the final result. ‘Maybe that’s the most creative moment,’ explains Frode. ‘The point when I think the piece is such a failure that it has become worthless; so then I dare to do something rigorous.’

After first making rather roughly finished bronze sculptures, for a while he made stylized sculptures moulded in Acrylic One. Now, working in clay has made his figures a little rougher again; you can almost follow his hand. Whatever material Frode chooses for his sculptures, skin is always very important. In his two-dimensional work, fine knife cuts and three-dimensional elements form reliefs – even when using materials that are less usual for him, such as canvas or paper, he remains a sculptor.

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