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"I am specialized in night photography. Where I live in Cologne and during my travels around the world I take walks at night looking for the perfect image. Once I have found a good spot, I return a few times in order to determine the right time and composition. With my large format camera and an exposure time of five to 55 minutes, I create a private world that waits to be discovered.

The night fascinates me because of its peace and quiet. Nature, the city, the buildings, everything breathes. My body relaxes after a hectic, noisy day. It heightens my perception and stimulates my senses; I take in the sounds of the night and gaze in concentration at a world emphasized by artificial light. Nor does what disappears into the darkness remain hidden from me for long. The long exposure of 5 to 55 minutes gives me all the time in the world to record that. Every picture captures a unique world waiting to be discovered, a memory contained in an image."

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