Bart Invites

On the old location of Galerie Bart Amsterdam on the corner of the Bloemgracht and the Prinsengracht the gallery in 2014 and 2015 collaborated with different parties such as institutes, galleries and individual artists and artists initiatives. This program was called Bart Invites. The program ran next the program in the gallery on the Elandsgracht.

This year Galerie Bart Nijmegen will present the Bart Invites program and we are proud to announce already two collaborations that will be presented next to the permanent Stock Exhibition.

May 2018

Studio Job, Joris & Marieke

Excellence in short animations, absurd and unusual stories

'Passing By' 29 04 '18 / 27 05 '18
Ten years of work by Studio Job, Joris & Marieke

Happy stories about absurd, uncommon situations and strangely looking characters: that is the work of Job, Joris & Marieke. Known for their Oscar-nominated film ‘A Single Life’ (2015), they will present a selection of ten years of animation work at Galerie Bart Nijmegen.

April 2018

Go Short / Margo Onnes

International Short Film Festival

All Along The Watchtower 07 04 '18 / 22 04 '18
The first guest of Bart Invites is Go Short, International Short Film Festival Nijmegen that will show an installation by artist Margo Onnes (1983) at Galerie Bart Nijmegen. This installation travels from the group exhibition ‘In a World We Can’t See’ at TENT, Rotterdam, to the gallery in Nijmegen.

Thanks to TENT Rotterdam, Michael van Rosmalen, MTS audiovisual, Mondriaan Fonds and Dienst Kunst en Cultuur Rotterdam, you can watch this short film filled with dark dream images, music and dance!

December 2015

Galerie Wit

'Couzijn van Leeuwen bezoekt een voorouder'

De laatste maand van het jaar brengt ons tevens de laatste expositie van Bart Invites. Galerie Wit is een waardige afsluiter met het werk van Couzijn van Leeuwen (1959), die de meest prachtige beelden schept met weinig meer dan karton als basismateriaal.

Opening: 3 december 17:00 uur
Expositie: 3 t/m 23 december
Openingstijden: wo -zo, 12- 18 uur
Voor meer informatie: Galerie Wit

November 2015

Young Blood Initiative

The whole month of November Young Blood Initiative brings a full program with exhibitions, installations, dance, performance and music improvisation, amongst others.
For more information:

May 2014


Materiaalfonds Presents: Aliki van der Kruijs, Jonas Wijtenburg, Judith Quax, Kym Ward, Nada van Dalen, Tilmann Meyer-Faje. The group exhibition showcases six talented artists and designers with projects that have been realised with support of Materiaal Fonds.

Exhibition: 3 until 31 May
Opening: Saturday 3 May, 5 - 7PM 
Presentations: 15 May from 6 to 8 PM, artists about their works and guestspeaker from Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie | 28 May from 6 to 8 PM, theme 'artists and money' with speakers from NAHV Belastingadviseurs and Mondriaan Fonds

April 2014

The Garage

Laser 3.14 "Troublemakers Make The World Go Round" 

Laser 3.14's solo show sees the artist pursie the darker side of succes, the sinister side of celebrity and the hedonism of human nature. Central to the show is the artwork "Troublemakers Make The World Go Round": a steel shield that acts as a point of dialogue between his works on wood, collage and printed matter that are also presented. Hailing from Amsterdam, artist Laser 3.14 responds to the world with words, stirring conversations from the layman to the lawyer. 

Exhibition: 12 until 25 April
Opening: Saturday 12 April, 5 - 9PM

March 2014

Amsterdam Streets

The launch exhibition of the collective Amsterdam Streets.
A collective of street photographers who capture moments that ussually remain unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of city life. Indirectly, they are documenting the here and now. 

Exhibition: 3 until 31 March
Opening: 2 March, from 4PM

February 2014

Sjaron Minailo


The site-specific installation "Rothko Chapel Variations #2" is a variation of Minailo's theatral installation "Rothko Chapel". Both works are inspired by the namesake composition of Morton Feldman and work of Mark Rothko. Minailo reflects on the role of art in processing collective traumas by artists such as Rothko and Feldman among others. 

1 until 28 February 

December 2013

De Prins, de Keizer en de Heer


Exactly 400 years later upon the establishement of Amsterdam's ring of canals, the collective of three photographers - Bas Losekoot, Erwin van Amstel, Niels Stomps - captured the longest canals of the city in images. A year long, they have been looking for the unusual in the daily life, having own canal and method. On occasion of the celebration of the 400-years anniversary of Amsterdam canals, they present their work and show another side of canals.

Exhibition: 4 until 29 December
Opening: Wednesday 4 December, from 5PM 

September 2015

Hollandse Hoogte

After a short summer break we will open our doors again on September 1st. 

Photo agency Hollandse Hoogte is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. On behalf of this special occassion, photo editor Mirjam Boer made a selection of 30 iconic images from the "Hollandse Meesters Collectie” (Dutch Masters), a part of the Dutch photo history. You now have the unique chance to get hold of these enlarged photos of the biggest Dutch photographers! 

The prints (edition 30) will be for sale at the Bart Invites during the month of September. 
Open daily from 11:00 to 18:00 h.
Keep track of our Facebook page to stay informed of extra activities!

June 2015

Platform Platvorm

Opening and magazine launch: Saturday June 6th from 16-20 h.
Exhibition: until June 28th

Platform Platvorm is an open call art magazine where artists are in control. Each participant will have the opportunity to make a spread about their own work without any interference in the visual content.
All the artists who's work is featured in the first issue of the magazine were asked to bring a work and install it in the space on one and the same day. The result of this 'non-curating' principle can be seen from the 6th of June...

Opening hours: Wednesday-Sunday from 11:00-18:00 h.
For more information go to 

May 2015


Exhibition and booklaunch: 22 05 '15 / 31 05 '15
Opening: Friday 22 May from 17 - 21h

Opening hours during the exhibition:
22 until 31 May, Monday - Sunday from 12 until 19h

April 2015

Galerie Eigenheim - Enrico Freitag

Exhibition: 15 04 '15 / 26 04 ' 15

In collaboration with Galerie Eigenheim (Weimar, DE), Bart Invites presents the work of Enrico Freitag (1981, DE). The exhibition 'Black Fields' displays a selection of paintings from Freitag's oeuvre together with new works that he made during his residence in Amsterdam. 

The exhibition shows various settings in which man is confronted with himself and his interdependence on reason and nature. Individuals are portrayed isolated, deeply absorbed in thought, struggling with the consequences of their actions. Or as Goya pronounced it: "The sleep of reason produces monsters". 

Halbe, 2014. Oil on canvas, 100 x 98 cm

Opening hours during exhibition: 
Wednesday - Sunday: 12 - 18 h

Opening: Wednesday 15 April from 16 until 19h

March 2015


Exhibition: 13 03 '15 / 29 03 '15

Lotte Reimann (DE), Ruth van Beek (NL), Fleur van Dodewaard (NL), Hanne Lillee (NO), Samara Scott (UK), Suzanne Posthumus (NL), Anna de Jong (NL), Isabelle Wenzel (DE), Anne Huijnen (NL)

With the exhibition OUT OF SHAPE, Polly's Picture Show brings together nine international artists who all draw attention to the importance of shape. While the subject manifests itself in many different ways, the exhibition celebrates them all; solid triangles and squares, morphing outlines and silhouettes, peculiar figures and forms. 

During the exhibition the namesake publication will be presented, bringing nine works of nine artists together under one shape that simultaneously values the particularity of each work. 

Since its founding in 2011, Polly's Picture Show has realized several projects within the field of contemporary photography such as exhibitions, installations and publications. Even if photography is the starting point, this doesn't necessarily mean that all projects result in solely pictures. 

Opening hours during exhibition:
Wednesday - Sunday:  12 - 19h

February 2015

Frank Mohr Institute

Exhibition: 05 – 28 February 2015

During February, Frank Mohr Institute, the master programme at the Minerva Art Academy in Groningen, presents ‘Sound x Colour’ at Bart Invites.
Sound x Colour is a collaborative project of two artists from different master programmes, Federico Murgia and Thomas Darkman. One primarily interested in sound and new media is following MFA MADtech, and the other is a painter in a traditional sense, doing MFA Painting. With this project they attempt to merge the practice of both into one cohesive piece.

Sound x Colour involves an installation that uses light and sound to manipulate a painting, becoming a hybrid sculpture. The constant changes in colour and intensity of lights, coupled with the nature of vibrations exerted on the painting through the sound, ensure the work is never the same and traditionally opposite to the definite nature of the majority of painted artworks. Differing from attempts to fuse new media and painting, the reliance on live repetition rather than recorded repetition allows for a more unique, almost theatrical experience of the work. With this, the installation aims to provide the spectator an alternative way to experience images.
While Sound x Colour challenges viewer’s perception of paintings, it underlines moreover the multidisciplinary and interactive character of Frank Mohr Institute.

Opening hours during exhibition:
Wednesday – Sunday: 12 – 18h
Friday: 12 – 21h

Special evening events from 18h:
Friday 20 February - MONO BROS (dj set) X Light performance
Friday 27 February - Live music act X Light performance

December 2014

Stichting Onterfd Goed

As a guest at Bart Invites during December, Stichting Onterfd Goed (Foundation of Disinherited Goods) want to present its aims to the public while looking for art lovers who wish to adopt artworks from its collection.
Stichting Onterfd Goed is the only organisation in the Netherlands that is specialized in dismantling of museum collections. Many museums and art intitutes are facing rapid closures due to the lack of finances. Government and companies are in the midst of reorganisations. What is going to happen with their valuable art collections, including objects of significance to Dutch heritage? Onterfd Goed strives for preservation of these artworks, putting all works up for public adoption or recycling by artists, students and researches.

The exhibition at Bart Invites presents artworks that have been hidden in museums' depots for too long. Artworks by artists as Rob Birza, Robbie Cornelissen, Ger Dekkers, Nicolas Dings, Marnix Goossens, Christie van der Haak, Claudy Jongstra, Paul Klemann, Bert Loerakker, Carolein Smit, Mary Waters among others.
Stichting Onterfd Goed wants to bring art from museums to livingrooms!

Opening hours 3
December until 3 January:
Wednesday until Friday 12:00-20:00 h., Saturday and Sunday 12:00-17:00 h.

Deviating opening hours:
5 December 12:00-16:00 h.
Closed on 17 December 
24 December 12:00-16:00 h.
Extra opening hours: 22 and 23 december 12:00-20:00 h.

November 2014

Nieuwe Oogst

October 2014


Curator Fred Wagemans (ex-director Museum Fodor) brings art from the north of the Netherlands to the Bloemgracht. 
People in Groningen live their lives in fear of the earth quakes, due to the drillings for gas. The revenues from sales of work from the BEVING HULP SHOW will partly be transferred to the fund for victims of the earth quakes in Groningen. 
The QUAKE AID Show presents a different realism than the well known ‘northern’ realism of the classical academy. Exhibiting artists B.C. Epker, Thijs Jansen, Pascal van der Graaf, Pico van de Werken, Eveline van Duyl, Jan Snijder and Jelte van Lente are artists of the present. Their subjects are filled with Freudian battle and distortion, their use of material and the narrative are unsual. This art has a regional origin, just like the gas, but with a national importance.

Jelte van Lente, untitled, ink and watercolor on paper, 2014

Exhibition: 2 until 31 October 2014
Opening: Thursday 2 October, with manifestation/presentation of John Lanting (SCHOKKEND GRONINGEN)

September 2014

TV Scheisse and The Open Draw

The Open Draw 15 until 21 September 2014

The Open Draw takes over Bart Invites for a week. Next week they celebrate their one-year anniversary with an exciting exhibition, birthday drawing sessions, workshops and performances.

Opening event 'The Open Draw is One': Monday 15 September, 19:30-23 h.
Workshops: Tuesday 16 September until Saturday 20 September
Closing event 'Sketchy Sunday': 21 September, 13-18 h.
Go to FB for all the information or visit the website.  


TV Scheisse / Amsterdam Fringe Festival 8 until 14 September 2014
Performances at 9PM until Saturday and Sunday at 5PM.
Tickets: | 

August 2014

TV Scheisse

"The Making of Art."

From August the 11th, the theatre collective TV Scheisse is working on its new production within Bart Invites gallery as being the location and one of the themes of the new theatre work "The Making of Art." in light of Amsterdam Fringe Festival. 
In this production, Diede and Medi, together with Dik, start a company named The Making of Art. A company as a company should be. A profitable enterprise.
With this theatre production, TV Scheisse pinpoints with a wink our excessively marketed civilan community.

Until the end of August the making of "The Making of Art" can be followed through the windows.   
Performances: 8 until 14 September 

June 2014

Kuno Grommers


On invitation by Bart Invites, Kuno Grommers made the site-specific installation "LUS" in light of his restrospective exhibition. Through the month, the installation can be viewed from the outside. The exhibition, showing his photograpic works made since 2003, is open from 13 until 29 June.

13 until 29 June
Opening: Friday 13 June, 5 - 7PM

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