Choki Lindberg ELSEWHERE
solo exhibition
25 05 '19 / 29 06 '19  

Opening: Saturday 25 05 '19 / 4 - 6 pm
Galerie Bart invites you to attend the opening party of ELSEWHERE on Saturday!

The photographs of Choki Lindberg (b. 1979, Copenhagen) evoke a sense of recognition. A perfectly ordinary setting placed outside of ordinary reality. When you look a little longer at these photographs, something about them seems a little odd. Then you realize that these are not real interiors of existing homes. Lindberg builds small-scale sets that she photographs. This gives her work a surrealistic touch. The combination of the medium of photography and meticulously constructed settings gives a feeling of authenticity. We implicitly believe in the existence of these places, after which our imagination fills in the stories that go with them.

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