Marleen Sleeuwits
solo exhibition 
07 09 '19 / 19 10 '19  
opening 07 09 '19 - 5 pm / 7 pm

"My photos aren’t a window onto a world that you step into as a viewer. It’s sooner the other way around: the other world comes to you and takes over without being asked." As such, Marleen Sleeuwits (b. 1980, Enschede, NL) is exploring the boundaries between two- and three-dimensionality. Whereas a spatial object gains a certain flatness, the flat surface of the photograph assumes greater form. "For me, it’s all about translating space into photography. I open up spaces, lay them bare, filet them even. By continually picking out one element, which I then investigate, I plumb their depths bit by bit." That investigative aspect also takes hold of the viewer. By scanning the artist’s work, looking for clues, you think you understand it – only to once again become completely lost in dizzying, repetitive inversions.

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