A Cloud Collision Walkthrough
Gerard Koek & Toni van Tiel
duo exhibition 
16 02 '19 / 30 05 '19 

Opening 16 02 '19 / 4 - 6 pm

You could call 'A Cloud Collision Walkthrough' an exhibition of sculptures. And yet there is only one freestanding sculpture to be seen. Supported by a table-like plinth, Gerard Koek’s (1954, NL) sculpture ‘Beholder’s Eye’ with its brightly-coloured branches seems to be rising up out of the floor. Or is it sinking into it? Toni van Tiel (1979, NL) is a sculptor on paper. In his drawings, he creates monuments, fountains, and roundabouts: sculptures in imaginary public spaces. Toni feels no need to realize these sculptures in three dimensions. They exist on paper, and the viewer’s imagination does the rest.

More about Gerard Koek en Toni van Tiel
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