Frode Bolhuis - A Contagious Affair
solo exhibition
08 09 '18 / 20 10 '18

20 10 '18 / 12 - 17 pm
12 - 16 pm / Frode Bolhuis creates works live in the gallery
16 - 17 pm / drinks

Saturday, October 20th is the last day of the solo exhibition by Frode Bolhuis, 'A Contagious Affair'. We would like to close the exhibition in a festive way. From 12 to 4 pm, Frode will be working in the gallery, creating small works that can be purchased for €100. At the end of the afternoon, at 4 pm, we will serve drinks. You are most welcome to attend the finissage, we hope to see you!

The figures by Frode Bolhuis have a typical ‘Bolhuis look’: a characteristic facial expression and a rather awkward posture, but with a certain softness about them. Whereas their creator drew inspiration for his earlier work from the Middle Ages, this is now the end of the 19th century. The nature of Bolhuis’s sculptures has shifted from tranquil to more flamboyant and expressive.

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