Jochem Rotteveel
solo exhibition
15 02 '20 / 16 05 '20
opening Saturday 15 02 '20 17:00-19:00

Jochem Rotteveel uses the unconventional materials of plastic tape and foil to create his paintings. He focuses primarily on the unstable borders between disciplines, materials and dimensions. In this way he explores the boundaries between 2D and 3D, low art and high art. In his own words, Jochem appropriates the work method and the view of painters. Although the plastic cannot be mixed like paint, by pasting related shades next to each other or by adding transparent layers, painterly solutions are created.

You will find information about Jochem Rotteveel here.

Enter the Zone
Sjaak Kooij
solo exhibition
15 02 '20 / 16 05 '20
opening Saturday 15 02 '20 17:00-19:00

The work of Sjaak Kooij fluctuates between actuality and fiction. In his work he uses elements from the media that cover social, cultural or political issues, but also takes images from everyday life. Then he places all of this data out of their original context, which creates an exciting interaction between image and content. The viewer is thus confronted with these subjects in an entirely different way. Sjaak mirrors the world that we live in like in a contemporary commedia dell’arte.

You will find more information about Sjaak Kooij here.
Ton Slits & Karin van Dam
duo exhibition 
14 12 '19 / 08 02 '20 
Opening: 14 12 '19 / 5 - 7 pm

Spatiality, whether this concerns installations, paintings or embroidery, plays a major role in the work of Ton Slits. The connections and bifurcations painted or cut from paper, evoke associations with nature, but are also reminiscent of a street map, metro system or the human body.
Karin van Dam shares this fascination for architectural structures and the inventiveness of nature. For her latest drawings, she explored the dark world of underground life at a depth of four meters, where she and a colony of caterpillars built a huge traffic network.

More about Ton Slits or Karin van Dam

Bart`s Movie Night
Galerie Bart is pleased to invite you to our fourth Movie Night on Saturday November the 23rd at 20:00. This time we show the animated film Virus Tropical, which we selected because Jorge Luis Barragán Castaño, one of the rising talents in our current exhibition, was part of the team that created the movie. Jorge will give a short introduction.
Please RSVP before Saturday via!

Virus Tropical (2017)

Adapted from the graphic novel memoir by Colombian-Ecuadorian cartoonist Powerpaola, Virus Tropical (2017) is a thoughtful and deeply affecting coming-of-age story that begins on the night Paola is conceived – in a stylized but anatomically complete sequence that sets the tone for the film’s matter-of-fact exploration of sexuality and family – and ends with her striking out on her own as a young adult. 

Over the intervening years we accompany Paola, the youngest of three daughters raised by a mostly single mom, as she gropes and fumbles her way through friendships, new schools, clunky romances, and various domestic dramas. Scrappy DIY black and white animation and lo-fi Latin-indie score lend a lovingly idiosyncratic charm to a film that brings forth a unique and utterly refreshing girl’s POV perspective. By the end you have formed a gentle intimacy with this family and are happy to have spent time together.

View the trailer

Director: Santiago Caicedo
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Runtime: 96 min
Recommended ages: 16+
Comment: Film contains frank depictions of nudity, sex, childbirth, and recreational drug use.

Date: Saturday, November the 23rd
Doors open: 19:30
Film starts: 20:00
Admission: free (incl. drink and popcorn)

group exhibition 
26 10 '19 / 07 12 '19   
movie night: Saturday, November 23, 8 - 10 pm, doors open at 19:30.

For more than a decade, Gallery Bart has been selecting the best rising talents from the graduation presentations of the Dutch art academies. This year we present ten promising artists, five in our gallery in Amsterdam and five in our project space in Nijmegen. The New Talent 2019 participants in Amsterdam are:
  • Jorge Luis Barragán Castaño. Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen
  • Zahar Bondar. Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten, The Hague
  • Myrto Christou. Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam
  • Tibor Dieters. Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten, The Hague
  • Natasha Rijkhoff. Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten, The Hague
Marleen Sleeuwits
solo exhibition 
07 09 '19 / 19 10 '19  
opening 07 09 '19 - 5 pm / 7 pm
movie night 18 10 '19 - 7:30 pm doors open / 8 pm start film

"My photos aren’t a window onto a world that you step into as a viewer. It’s sooner the other way around: the other world comes to you and takes over without being asked." As such, Marleen Sleeuwits (b. 1980, Enschede, NL) is exploring the boundaries between two- and three-dimensionality. Whereas a spatial object gains a certain flatness, the flat surface of the photograph assumes greater form. "For me, it’s all about translating space into photography. I open up spaces, lay them bare, filet them even. By continually picking out one element, which I then investigate, I plumb their depths bit by bit." That investigative aspect also takes hold of the viewer. By scanning the artist’s work, looking for clues, you think you understand it – only to once again become completely lost in dizzying, repetitive inversions.

more about Marleen Sleeuwits

Vrijdag 18 oktober 2019: MOVIE NIGHT

We are pleased to invite you to our MOVIE NIGHT that takes place tomorrow Friday October the18th. Marleen Sleeuwits has selected to movie Playtime (1967) by French director and actor Jacques Tati (1907-1982). Our doors open at 19:30, the film starts at 20:00. This is also one of your last chances to see the exhibition, as it closes on October the 19th. Please RSVP to:

About Playtime:
Skyscrapers, monotone offices and Kafkaesque bureaucracy as the ultimate recipe for getting lost. The slapstick comedy Playtime effectively illustrates the impersonal office cultures of the 1960’s. Tati’s working method that consisted of recreating an office city to scale, inspired photographer Marleen Sleeuwits in her art: “The film is about Monsieur Hulot who gets lost in this hypermodern city, but to me it is the skyscrapers, concrete, steel, glass, and reflections that play the leading role.” The anonymizing shots and the absurdist perspective give the film a futuristic character, in which social criticism is very much on the surface. Playtime is a film that both visually and in terms of narrative still promises to be very relevant from a contemporary perspective.
Language: French
Subtitles: English

Prior to the film there will be a introduction in the form of a short Q&A between Gallery Manager Merel de Kok and Marleen Sleeuwits.
Free admission.
Incl. drink and popcorn. Please RSVP.
Loes Koomen, Jan Willem Deiman and Tim Wunderink
group exhibition 
06 07 '19 / 10 08 '19 
Opening 06 07 '19 / 4 to 6 pm

Thin frames cast lined shadows on the white wall, colourful geometric forms seem to want to break out of their context and parts of inflatable boats and air mattresses carry your thoughts to the coolness of water. The abstract works of Loes Koomen, Jan Willem Deiman and Tim Wunderink waft through the gallery like a summer breeze.
Friday July 12
5 - 9 pm, the gallery is open from 12 pm

On this Friday evening we play summer music and serve cocktails inspired by the works shown in the gallery. When the sun is out, the garden will be open. More information will follow soon!

Friday July 19
Il deserto Rosso (1964) – Michelangelo Antonioni
8 - 10 pm, doors open at 7:30 pm

“In Il Deserto Rosso I wanted to change the face of reality, of water, of streets, of landscapes, to physically paint them.”
- Michelangelo Antonioni

Amidst smoking factories in the surroundings of Ravenna, we find a young woman - played by Monica Vitti - wandering in the industrial landscape of the 1960’s. Giuliana’s intensely green jacket comes up bright against the weathered concrete. Il deserto rosso (1964) was the first color film by Michelangelo Antonioni (1912-2007), the Italian modernist director. He drew inspiration from painters like Rothko and Pollock, who’s abstract expressionism freed color from objective context and made it the expressive subject in itself. Antonioni also took the brush by hand and manually painted every frame to intensify the colors. The expressive color fields reflect the state of mind of Giuliana and transform the industrial landscapes into a painting of abstract, odd beauty.

Language: Italian, subtitles: English. Maan Meelker, freelance writer, editor at Cineville and rMA Cultural analysis student, has selected the film and will also give a short introduction. Incl. break, drink & popcorn. RSVP before July 18:

Tuesday July 30

TISOI Stef Joosten & Kika Sprangers
8 - 9:45 pm, doors open at 7:30 pm

TISOI is the initiative of bassist and composer Stef Joosten. TISOI stands for: "The Indefinite Shape Of Imagination". The idea for this project originated from Stef's urge to play his own compositions and at the same time seize the opportunity to meet inspiring musicians from both his own generation and the established order. For this concert he has invited saxophonist Kika Sprangers. TISOI will perform lyrical contemporary jazz, part of which is improvised. Stef will also compose a piece inspired by the works from the exhibition. RSVP before July 29:

To make this summer breeze blow a little harder, we have put together a programme inspired by the theme of the exhibition. You can join free of charge. 

Short Dips: still from Saturday Symphony, by Iris Frankhuizen.

Friday July 26

Animated short films
8 - 9:45 pm, doors open at 7:30 pm

Dip into a pool of animated short films, alternately themed around the exhibition and the sweatiest season of the year. Just long enough to pull you under but short enough to keep it fresh. Curated and presented by animation director, VJ and illustrator Mirjam Debets. Subtitles: English. Incl. drink & popcorn.
Mirjam explains: "Without getting too technical: animation usually consists of at least 8 -but usually 12- unique frames per second, which makes its creation a long, labour-intensive and sometimes even tedious process. Hence I dare say each animator shares either a very intense love or a very productive hate for the material of choice. Which makes animation in my opinion the most interesting, diverse and expressive medium in contemporary art."
RSVP before August the 1st:

Saturday August 10

Merel van den Nieuwenhof in conversation with the three artists and the gallery
4 - 5 pm, closing drinks from 5 pm
The gallery is open from 12 pm

We notice that the visitors in our gallery and our art fair presentations often find it a bit intimidating to ask us questions. The idea prevails that you have to be an expert before you can understand and appreciate art. That is why we want to close the exhibition with a talk about these topics. During this hour, the artists are asked the questions that our visitors and clients have asked with hesitation over the years, such as: "What is the purpose of this work of art?" "What does a gallery manager actually do?” “Why is this art work priced like this?” The audience is also allowed to ask all the questions they did not dare to ask before, to both the exhibiting artists and the gallery team. Merel van den Nieuwenhof, curator and editor-in-chief of Palet magazine, will be our host this afternoon. RSVP before August 9: info@galeriebart.

This event will be Dutch spoken. We apologise to our non-Dutch speakers for any inconvenience. 
Choki Lindberg
solo exhibition
25 05 '19 / 29 06 '19  

The photographs of Choki Lindberg (b. 1979, Copenhagen) evoke a sense of recognition. A perfectly ordinary setting placed outside of ordinary reality. When you look a little longer at these photographs, something about them seems a little odd. Then you realize that these are not real interiors of existing homes. Lindberg builds small-scale sets that she photographs. This gives her work a surrealistic touch. The combination of the medium of photography and meticulously constructed settings gives a feeling of authenticity. We implicitly believe in the existence of these places, after which our imagination fills in the stories that go with them.

More about Choki Lindberg
Jeppe Lauge & Lawrence James Bailey
duo exhibition
06 04 '19 / 18 05 '19

18 05 '19 / 4 - 5 pm: Closing drinks
You are kindly invited to take a last look at AROUND THE CORNER, to ask Jeppe and Lawrence all you would like to know about their work, and to join us for drinks!

Both Jeppe Lauge (1980, DK) and Lawrence James Bailey (1976, UK) use photographic material as the starting point of their practice. Jeppe manipulates his photos to construct new landscapes in digital collages on his computer. Lawrence uses these images to make new representations as well. When Jeppe sees a landscape, he sees a complex picture, a shaped space to which we added layers over time. Guided by his focus on the border area where the city and the surrounding landscape meet, Lawrence sees this terrain as the new wilderness, left alone in an age where almost every landscape is touched by us. In the exhibition AROUND THE CORNER the two artists show the results of their wanderings, Jeppe in his paintings and Lawrence in his textile works.

More about Jeppe Lauge and more about Lawrence James Bailey.
A Cloud Collision Walkthrough
Gerard Koek & Toni van Tiel
duo exhibition 
16 02 '19 / 30 03 '19 

Closing drinks 30 03 '19 / 16:00 - 18:00

You could call 'A Cloud Collision Walkthrough' an exhibition of sculptures. And yet there is only one freestanding sculpture to be seen. Supported by a table-like plinth, Gerard Koek’s (1954, NL) sculpture ‘Beholder’s Eye’ with its brightly-coloured branches seems to be rising up out of the floor. Or is it sinking into it? Toni van Tiel (1979, NL) is a sculptor on paper. In his drawings, he creates monuments, fountains, and roundabouts: sculptures in imaginary public spaces. Toni feels no need to realize these sculptures in three dimensions. They exist on paper, and the viewer’s imagination does the rest.

More about Gerard Koek en Toni van Tiel
Go Figure!
Aldwin van de Ven, Casper Verborg, Jerry Kowalsky & Maria Britze
group exhibition
15 12 '18 / 09 02 '19

Through the centuries, the portrait has had many appearances, ranging from naive to lifelike and from idealized to abstract. The paintings and sculptures in this exhibition are portraits in the broadest sense of the word. Those portrayed are not necessarily recognizable as a specific person, but are defined by a more universal characterization. The four exhibitors join a centuries-long portrait tradition, which at the same time has been released almost completely. The works come together in a contemporary portrait gallery, as 'portraits of our time'.

More information about Aldwin van de Ven, Casper Verborg, Jerry Kowalsky & Maria Britze
Tamara Muller - Distraction
solo exhibition
27 10 '18 / 08 12 '18

Do the big themes and extraordinary events in life distract us from the commonplace, or is it the other way around? This question is expressed in the newest series by Tamara Muller, through a multiplicity of visual distractions for the viewer. The characters themselves are also distracted, they look up in surprise. But don’t let yourself be fooled: their direct gazes distract you from what it’s really all about. As for exactly what that is, Tamara leaves it up in the air.

More about Tamara Muller

Frode Bolhuis - A Contagious Affair
solo exhibition
08 09 '18 / 20 10 '18

The figures by Frode Bolhuis have a typical ‘Bolhuis look’: a characteristic facial expression and a rather awkward posture, but with a certain softness about them. Whereas their creator drew inspiration for his earlier work from the Middle Ages, this is now the end of the 19th century. The nature of Bolhuis’s sculptures has shifted from tranquil to more flamboyant and expressive.

More about Frode Bolhuis

Kuno Grommers - Orientation
solo exhibition
07 07 '18 / 18 08 '18

Dutch photographer Kuno Grommers (1946) captures the spatial dynamics of static phenomena with his camera. Subject to his work are abstract, geometrical shapes and large color fields in gravity-defying installations. The calculative, illusive compositions rest on Grommers's innovative use of two important photographical fundaments: light and darkness. Corresponding to his photography, a selection of his three-dimensional oeuvre is on display in this solo exhibition as well. These assemblages, a blend of paint and canvas in a sculptural manner, introduce different approaches to the mechanics of perspective.

More about Kuno Grommers

Loes Koomen - Room To Move
solo exhibition
30 06 '18 / 21 07 '18

In Loes Koomen’s abstract paintings, it’s all about finding the proper balance between seemingly contradictory elements: sharp combinations of colours that both repel and attract each other, and parts that seem to want to escape (or are they actually seeking each other out?). Room To Move is opening in Salon Bart, located on the first floor, where by way of experiment Galerie Bart presents the works in a domestic setting.

More about Loes Koomen

This exhibition is a collaboration with the artist and Klerkx International Art Management.
Femke Dekkers - Stages
solo exhibition
19 05 '18 / 30 06 '18

In the field of tension between static architecture and picturesque perspective, Dutch photographer Femke Dekkers (1980) captures the space in which sculpture and painting merge together. Femke turns her environment into a stage, intervening on perspective with her camera. This makes you wonder: what is actual space and what is optical illusion? Her current solo exhibition 'Stages' is an overview of 2011 to date, displaying work from recent years alongside material from her archive: looking back provides new insights into various stages of her work.

More information about Femke Dekkers

Stefan Kasper - solo
De gouden dood of de gladiolen
31 03 '18 / 12 05 '18

Opening: Saturday March the 31st 16:00-18:00

In glittery portraits, carefully drawn skeletons, flowers and hidden jokes we find Stefan Kasper’s signature style: a colourful serenade and a playful wink towards the grand masters of the western art tradition. Vanitas symbols form recognizable landmarks within his extravagant, imaginative drawings on paper, cardboard and leftover material. His works are multi-layered, both in a material and a conceptual sense.
More about Stefan Kasper

Seoul Sessions
Jisan Ahn and Raymond Lemstra
Duo exhibition
10 02 '18 / 24 03 '18
Opening: Saturday 10 February 2018, 16:00-18:00

More information about 
Jisan Ahn
Raymond Lemstra
`Seoul Sessions`
Between 10 February and 24 March, Galerie Bart is showing ‘Seoul Sessions’: a duo exhibition with the work of Jisan Ahn (b. 1979, KR) and Raymond Lemstra (b. 1978, NL). Both artists studied in Groningen and currently live in Seoul. Each of them has known what it is like to be a newcomer, an outsider.

After coming to the Netherlands, Ahn realized that his prior focus on Korean political subjects was not relevant everywhere in the world. He began looking for new, more general subjects. A major source of inspiration for his newest series is Korean commercials from the 1970s. These were not slick marketing campaigns but had a naïve quality about them. They were direct, without any hidden agenda. Ahn places this old-fashioned visual idiom in today’s age by eliminating all references to the original context. As a result, the image itself takes centre stage, allowing room for a more universal meaning.

Lemstra has also had to deal with being ‘different’. After moving to Seoul in 2016, he had the tendency to shut himself up in his studio because of the language barrier and the great differences in social conventions. In order to nevertheless get a grip on the alienating and overwhelming city, he started collecting the many posters and stickers spread throughout the streetscape. This ‘skin of the city’ forms the background for his imagined portraits, which are painted in a less polished and flawless manner than the figures he made before living in South Korea. They have a certain vulnerability, perhaps reflecting their maker’s state of mind.

Both of the artists hold up a mirror to themselves, but also to us. Who am I, versus the other? How do I look at the other; how does the other look at me? Who were we in the past, versus how we are in the present? Topical and universal questions that can be posed time and again.
Alexandra Hunts - Matter of Knowledge
Solo exhibition
25 11 '17 / 20 01 '18

More information about Alexandra Hunts
Nieuwe Oogst `17
Group exhibition 21 10 '17 / 18 11 '17

Our annual selection of graduation work:
Sonja de Bruin – KABK, Den Haag - photography
Vytautas Kumza – Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam - photography
Christa te Dorsthorst – AKV|St.Joost, Breda - installation
Joris Strouken – ArtEZ, Enschede - paintings
Lotte van Uittert – KABK, Den Haag - photography
Jeanine Vloemans – AKV|St.Joost, Den Bosch - paintings
Taiping Xu – Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen - paintings

In collaboration with Museum Het Valkhof we present the 8th 'Nieuwe Oogster': Nuni Weisz - (HKU, Utrecht). Her interactive installation can be seen and heard from Sunday, 17 September 2017, in the patio of the museum.

After its closing in Nijmegen, the Nieuwe Oogst exhibition travels to Galerie Bart Amsterdam.

During the opening at Galerie Bart Amsterdam (Saturday 21 October 2017) the third 'Hollandse Nieuwe!' award will be awarded to the most promising newcomer from this year's harvest.
The jury consists of Jan-Wieger van den Berg (artist, Besiendershuis, artist initiative Paraplufabriek, projects Museum Het Valkhof) and Iris Visch (AkzoNobel Art Foundation).

>> 'Hollandse Nieuwe!' 2017: Christa te Dorsthorst (AKV|St.Joost, Breda - installation).
Ton Slits - Important Circle
Solo exhibition 02 09 '17 / 14 10 '17

Opening: 02 09 '17 from 4 until 6 pm.

More information about Ton Slits.
Solo exhibition 17 06 '17 / 29 07 '17

More information about Isabelle Wenzel.
Solo exhibition 29 04 '17 / 10 06 '17

Opening: 29 04 '17 from 4 pm until 6 pm.

More information about Gerard Koek.
Jonah Falke - Dogs & Faces
Solo exhibition
11 03 '17 / 22 04 '17

More information about Jonah Falke
Drawing between the lines
Group exhibition 07 01 '17 / 25 02 '17

Black Ink Lab, Rik Buter, Koen de Graaf and animations from KloosterKino.
Opening Saturday, January 7th from 4 to 6 PM

Nieuwe Oogst `16
Group exhibition 22 10 '16 / 03 12 '16

Our annual selection of graduates:
Kateryna Snizhko (Gerrit Rietveld - Amsterdam, 3D drawings)
Kimmo Virtanen (KABK - Den Haag, video installation)
Belushi Metaal (KABK - Den Haag, mixed media, paintings)
Esmay Groot Koerkamp (ArtEZ - Enschede, mixed media, drawings)
Hedri Kool (AKV|St.Joost - Den Bosch, installation, sculpture)
Lillian Vlaun (Gerrit Rietveld - Amsterdam, installation, objects)
Luca Grimaldi (Frank Mohr Institute - Groningen, paintings)
Milena Naef (Gerrit Rietveld - Amsterdam, objects)
Romee van Oers (AKV|St.Joost - Breda, paintings, objects)

During the opening at Galerie Bart Amsterdam the second 'Hollandse Nieuwe!' award will be awarded to the most promising newcomer from this year's harvest.
'Hollandse Nieuwe!' 2016: Hedri Kool (AKV|St.Joost - Den Bosch, installation, sculpture).
Point of view
Group exhibition 03 09 '16 / 15 10 '16

Kevin Bauer, Femke Dekkers, Kuno Grommers, Harry Markusse and Thomas van Rijs
Jannemarein Renout & Casper Verborg
Duo exhibition 09 07 '16 / 20 08 '16

Jannemarein Renout and Casper Verborg
Tamara Muller & Rozemarijn Westerink
Duo exhibition 21 05 '16 / 03 07 '16
'The Fields'

Tamara Muller and Rozemarijn Westerink
Rens Krikhaar & Daniela Schwabe
Duo exhibition 02 04 '16/ 14 05 '16

Rens Krikhaar and Daniela Schwabe
Ton Slits & Aldwin van de Ven
Duo exhibition 13 02 '16 / 26 03 '16

Ton Slits and Aldwin van de Ven
Anne Forest - Sojourners
12 12 '15 / 07 02 '16
Solo exhibition Anne Forest
Nieuwe Oogst `15
24 10 '15 / 06 12 '15

Our annual selection of graduate work:
Thom Brand ( AKV|St.Joost - Den Bosch, installation)
Stefan van den Broek (HKU, Utrecht - silkscreens)
Edith Diederiks
(Gerrit Rietveld - Amsterdam, photography)
Daniek Dijkstra (HKU - Utrecht, photography)
Joost Elschot (HKU - Utrecht, movie, installation, drawings)
Karl Hedin en August Ranelid
(Gerrit Rietveld - Amsterdam, audiovisual)
Wouter van der Laan (HKU - Utrecht, paintings)
Bas Overbeek (ArtEZ - Arnhem, installation)
Iwan Smit (WdKA - Rotterdam, mixed media)
Adonis Stoantzikis (Frank Mohr Institute- Groningen, drawings and paintings)

During the opening the first 'Hollandse Nieuwe' award has been awarded to the most promising artist from the Nieuwe Oogst exhibition.
Winner of the jury prize is the duo Karl Hedin and August Ranelid (Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam).
Winner of the gallery prize is Wouter van der Laan (HKU, Utrecht).
Antonia Breme & Aliki van der Kruijs
Duo exhibition 05 09 '15 / 17 10 '15
'Planting Spatials - Means of Construction'

Antonia Breme
and Aliki van der Kruijs
Jeffrey Dunsbergen & Mari Stoel
Duo exhibition 27 06 '15 / 08 08 '15

Jeffrey Dunsbergen and Mari Stoel
Jisan Ahn - Hunt
09 05 '15 / 20 06 '15
Solo exhibition Jisan Ahn
Group exhibition 21 03 `15 / 03 05 `15
Niels van Bunningen, Susanna Inglada and Raoul Kramer
Rik Buter & Rens Krikhaar
Duo exhibition 31 01 '15 / 14 03 '15

Rik Buter
and Rens Krikhaar
Jochem Rotteveel & Vincent Vreeke
Duo exhibition 13 12 '14 / 24 01 '15
'Rhyme & Reason'
Nieuwe Oogst `14
Group exhibition 25 10 '14 / 06 12 '14

Our selection of graduate works.
Saskia Blokzijl (ArtEZ - Arnhem, painting)
Ingrid Davids 
(Minerva - Groningen, mixed media)
Dewi Hoppe (ArtEZ - Enschede, painting)
Frederique Jonker (HKU - Utrecht, painting)
Stella de Kort (Gerrit Rietveld Academy - Amsterdam, drawing)
Jannemarein Renout (Gerrit Rietveld Academy - Amsterdam, digital media)
Thomas van Rijs (KABK - Den Haag, painting)
Sjoerd Tegelaers (ArtEZ - Enschede, etching)
Milan van Wezel (AKV St. Joost - Breda, sculptures and installation)
Yvonne Lacet - Urban Anatomy
06 09 '14 / 18 10 '14

Rhythm is a shape, rhythm is a beat
Group exhibition 05 07 '14 / 16 08 '14
Jan Willem Deiman, Harry Markusse, Teun Vonk, Adrian Woods & Gidi van Maarseveen
Sara Glahn en Isabelle Wenzel
Duo exhibition 17 05 '14 / 28 06 '14

Sara Glahn 'Spatial sculptures (Dad)'
Isabelle Wenzel 'THE-MAKING-OF'
Jisan Ahn - White Night
Solo exhibition 29 03 '14 / 10 05 '14
Frode Bolhuis & Anne Forest
Duo exhibition 08 02 '14 / 22 03 '14

Frode Bolhuis 'That which appears'
Anne Forest 'Holy Ghosts'
Tamara Muller - HIDE
Solo exhibition 21 12 '13 / 02 02 '14

Nieuwe Oogst `13
Group exhibition 02 11 '13 / 14 12 '13

Kevin Bauer (ArtEZ, Enschede), Frank Blommestijn & Michiel van der Werf (ArtEZ, Arnhem), Janneke Bolt (HKU, Utrecht), Dario Bongiovanni (ArtEZ, Enschede), Jonah Falke (ArtEZ, Enschede), Thijs Jager (ArtEZ, Arnhem), Evelien Jaspers (KABK, Den Haag), Sara Koning (KABK, Den Haag), Nynke Koster (KABK, Den Haag), Naomi Souwen (Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam)
Erik de Bree & Erik Buijs
Duo exhibition 14 09 '13 / 26 10 '13

Erik de Bree
en Erik Buijs

Blast from the Past
Contemporary art with a classic twist
Group exhibition 16 07 '13 / 24 08 '13

Mark Beerens
, Anne von Freyburg, Jules van Hulst, René R. Kuipers, Sierk van Meeuwen and Louise te Poele.
Opening exhibition Elandsgracht 16
Group exhibition 25 05 '13 / 06 07 '13
Jisan Ahn, Frode Bolhuis, Femke Dekkers, Peter van der Es and Niels Helmink
Beelddragers: Dennis Duijnhouwer
The last weekend of April Beelddragers presents Dennis Duijnhouwer: Never Wither, the secret life of the fake plant.

Check the Beelddragers Facebook page or for more information.

Group exhibition 09 03 '13 / PROLONGED UNTIL 30 03 '13
10% discount on all the works from our stock room!
Barbara Wijnveld
Solo exhibition 'Nine Lives & the Daily Mirror' 05 01 '13 / 23 02 '13
Antonia Breme & Eefje Bouwkamp
Duo exhibition 24 11 '12 / 29 12 '12

Eefje Bouwkamp
 and Antonia Breme
Nieuwe Oogst 2012
Group exhibition 13 10 '12 / 17 11 '12
Our selection of graduate works from the Dutch academies.
With Marieke Gelissen, Dimitar Genchev, Alexandra Hunts and Olga Oostermeijer.
Yvonne Lacet
Solo exhibition 'Incognito' 01 09 '12 / 06 10 '12 
Jochem Rotteveel & Wouter Rens
Duo exhibition 14 06 '12 / 28 07 '12
Jochem Rotteveel
Zweigstelle Berlin @ Galerie Bart
Group exhibition 10 05 '12 / 09 06 '12
Karen Irmer, Ursula Oberhauser, Jürgen Paas
Galerie Bart 5 jaar!
Anniversary group exhibition 31 03 '12 / 05 05 '12
From Different Corners
Group exhibition drawings 16 02 '12 / 24 03 '12
Heidi Sincuba
Solo exhibition 05 01 '12 / 11 02 '12
'Ukukhohlakala Komqondo'

Nieuwe Oogst `11
Group exhibition 15 10 '11 / 12 11 '11
Jisan Ahn, Anne Forest, Anna Meiners
Adrian Woods & Gidi van Maarseveen
Duo exhibition 03 09 '11 / 08 10 '11
With Caroline van Pagée
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