Loes Koomen - Room To Move
Solo exhibition
30 06 '18 / 21 07 '18

In Loes Koomen’s abstract paintings, it’s all about finding the proper balance between seemingly contradictory elements: sharp combinations of colours that both repel and attract each other, and parts that seem to want to escape (or are they actually seeking each other out?). Room To Move is opening in Salon Bart, located on the first floor, where by way of experiment Galerie Bart presents the works in a domestic setting.

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Kuno Grommers - Orientation
Solo exhibition
07 07 '18 / 18 08 '18

Dutch photographer Kuno Grommers (1946) captures the spatial dynamics of static phenomena with his camera. Subject to his work are abstract, geometrical shapes and large color fields in gravity-defying installations. The calculative, illusive compositions rest on Grommers's innovative use of the photographical fundaments: light and darkness. Corresponding to his photography, a selection of his three-dimensional oeuvre is on display in this solo exhibition as well. These assemblages, a blend of paint and canvas in a sculptural manner, introduce different approaches to the mechanics of perspective.

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Summer Break 2018
22 08 '18 / 07 09 '18
Frode Bolhuis - solo
Solo exhibition
08 09 '18 / 20 10 '18
Tamara Muller - solo
Solo exhibition
27 10 '18 / 08 12 '18
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