Nieuwe Oogst 2018
Group exhibition 16 09 '18 / 21 10 '18

Our annual selection of graduation work.

Jorrit van de Waal - Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen
Milena Anna Bouma - Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam
Roos van Dijk - Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen
Mick Tenthof - HKU, Utrecht
Karlijn Janssen - ArtEZ, Arnhem

This year, Bart invited Singular-Art (Waalkade 72, Nijmegen) to participate in the event with an installation by the duo Joppe Blonk & Niko Lee Gail Démoed - AKV|St.Joost, Breda.

'Hollandse Nieuwe!' award
The fourth 'Hollandse Nieuwe!' award will be awarded to the most promising newcomer from this year's harvest.
The jury consists of Youri Appelo (Artistic Director Expoplu and independent curator), Merel van den Nieuwenhof (exhibition maker and author) and Merel de Kok (Gallery Manager and curator at Galerie Bart).

WINNER 'Hollandse Nieuwe!' 2018: Karlijn Janssen (ArtEZ, Arnhem).

Nijmeegse Kunstnacht 2018
The eighth edition of the Nijmeegse Kunstnacht will take place on Saturday 22 September. Galerie Bart and VR-Lab (neighbors at the Honigcomplex) work together during that evening. Step into a virtual artwork that will be built real time around you. Artist Roos Mulder (ArtEZ, Arnhem) draws nightly dream worlds that can only be experienced with Virtual Reality glasses. See here for more information.

Gerard Koek - Migrational Moves

Five white walls - each squeezed between two pieces of oxblood red painted furniture - are theatrically arranged in the gallery. 'Migrational Moves' is the title of this installation that evokes the association of migration, traveling or even escaping. It is a reference to the resilience that is deeply rooted in us, namely the ability to change, move and re-create and the ability to set in motion that what seems irreversible. Our radical, but at the same time playful survival reflex.

Exhibition: 09 06 '18 / 09 09' 18 (incl. summer break: 19 07 '18 / 22 08 '18)
Galerie Bart Nijmegen shows a permanent stock exhibition next to the temporary exhibitions in the back space of the gallery. In this 'Salon Style' presentation we show artists we work with on a regular basis. When you buy a work, you can take it with you immediately, and the open space is filled with a new work.

Every few months, one artist is highlighted by showing more works or a larger installation. A Stock Expo XL that can be seen in the front space of the gallery.

Previous - 09 06 '18 / 09 09' 18
Stock Expo XL with installation: 'Migrational Moves' by Gerard Koek

Previous - 01 02 '18 / 22 04' 18
Stock expo XL with the installation 'Observatorium' by Ton Slits
ZomerExpo st. Stevenskerk 2018

Galerie Bart organizes, for the second time, the ZomerExpo during the Nijmeegse Vierdaagsefeesten at the Stevenskerk. An exhibition with works by various, both regional and national artists who pop up in different spaces of the church.

Stevenskerk Nijmegen
Exhibition period: from 15 to 22 July 2018
Opening hours: every day from 10.30 am to 5 pm, on Sunday from 2 pm to 5 pm
The exhibition is freely accessible.

Tanja Smeets 'Liquid Garden' can be visited until 15 August 2018.

BART INVITES Studio Job, Joris & Marieke
Excellence in short animations, absurd and unusual stories

'Passing By' 29 04 '18 / 27 05 '18
Ten years of work by Studio Job, Joris & Marieke

Happy stories about absurd, uncommon situations and strangely looking characters: that is the work of Job, Joris & Marieke. Known for their Oscar-nominated film ‘A Single Life’ (2015), they will present a selection of ten years of animation work at Galerie Bart Nijmegen.
BART INVITES Go Short / Margo Onnes
International Short Film Festival

All Along The Watchtower 07 04 '18 / 22 04 '18
The first guest of Bart Invites is Go Short, International Short Film Festival Nijmegen that will show an installation by artist Margo Onnes (1983) at Galerie Bart Nijmegen. This installation travels from the group exhibition ‘In a World We Can’t See’ at TENT, Rotterdam, to the gallery in Nijmegen.

Thanks to TENT Rotterdam, Michael van Rosmalen, MTS audiovisual, Mondriaan Fonds and Dienst Kunst en Cultuur Rotterdam, you can watch this short film filled with dark dream images, music and dance!
STOCK EXPO uitgebreid
01 02 '18 / 22 04 '18

Galerie Bart Nijmegen shows usually a permanent stock expo next to the temporary exhibitions, in the back space of the gallery. Currently the entire gallery has been transformed into a stock exhibition. In this 'Salon Style' presentation we show artists we work with on a regular basis. When you buy a work, you can take it with you immediately, and the open space is filled with a new work.

Participating artists: Ton Slits, Jannemarein Renout, Aldwin van de Ven, Femke Dekkers, Casper Verborg, Isabelle Wenzel, Jisan Ahn, Kuno Grommers, Tamara Muller, Alexandra Hunts, Jochem Rotteveel, Rik Buter, Stephan J. Englisch, Vera Hilger, Niels Helmink, Stella de Kort and Harry Markusse.

Sunday, April 22, 2018 - Expeditie Honig 2018.
Artist Jochem Rotteveel will make a 'site-specific' work in the gallery
Duo exhibition Frans van Tartwijk & Lawrence James Bailey
28 10 '17 / 24 12 '17
Nieuwe Oogst 2017
Group exhibition 10 09 '17 / 15 10 '17

Our annual selection of graduation work:
Sonja de Bruin
– KABK, Den Haag - photography
Vytautas Kumza – Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam - photography
Christa te Dorsthorst – AKV|St.Joost, Breda - installation
Joris Strouken – ArtEZ, Enschede - paintings
Lotte van Uittert – KABK, Den Haag - photography
Jeanine Vloemans – AKV|St.Joost, Den Bosch - paintings
Taiping Xu – Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen - paintings

In collaboration with Museum Het Valkhof we present the 8th 'Nieuwe Oogster': Nuni Weisz - (HKU, Utrecht). Her interactive installation can be seen and heard from Sunday, 17 September 2017, in the patio of the museum.

After its closing in Nijmegen, the Nieuwe Oogst exhibition travels to Galerie Bart Amsterdam.

During the opening at Galerie Bart Amsterdam (Saturday 21 October 2017) the third 'Hollandse Nieuwe!' award will be awarded to the most promising newcomer from this year's harvest.
The jury consists of Jan-Wieger van den Berg (artist, Besiendershuis, artist initiative Paraplufabriek, projects Museum Het Valkhof), Iris Visch (AkzoNobel Art Foundation) and Galerie Bart.

>> 'Hollandse Nieuwe!' 2017: Christa te Dorsthorst (AKV|St.Joost, Breda - installation).

Groepsexpositie 04 06 `17 / 03 09 `17
With Ton Slits, Vera Hilger and Klaus Dauven.

Galerie Bart Nijmegen summer break: July 20th to August 6th, 2017.
ZomerExpo st. Stevenskerk
16 07 '17 / 23 07 '17

Groepsexpositie 02 04 `17 / 28 05 `17
With Femke Dekkers, Nynke Koster and Casper Verborg.

Groepsexpositie 29 01 `17 / 26 03 `17
With Erik Buijs, Anne Forest and Aline Eras.
Hello from the other side!
Galerie Bart - Nijmegen / Galerie am Meer - Düsseldorf
'Hello from the other side', an exhibition curated by the two galleries, with six artists.

Exhibition Nijmegen: 30 10 '16 / 18 12 '16

Exhibition Düsseldorf:
31 03 '17 / 30 04 '17

Participating artists:
Netherlands, Arnhem: Ide Andre, Heidi Linck and Elejan van der Velde
Germany, Düsseldorf: Pascal Sender, Nils Bleibtreu and Raphael Brunk
Nieuwe Oogst 2016
Group exhibition 10 09 '16 / 16 10 '16

Our annual selection of graduation work:
Kateryna Snizhko (Gerrit Rietveld - Amsterdam, 3D drawings)
Kimmo Virtanen (KABK - Den Haag, video installation)
Belushi Metaal (KABK - Den Haag, mixed media, paintings)
Esmay Groot Koerkamp (ArtEZ - Enschede, mixed media, drawings)
Hedri Kool (AKV|St.Joost - Den Bosch, installation, sculpture)
Lillian Vlaun (Gerrit Rietveld - Amsterdam, installation, objects)
Luca Grimaldi (Frank Mohr Institute - Groningen, paintings)
Milena Naef (Gerrit Rietveld - Amsterdam, objects)
Romee van Oers (AKV|St.Joost - Breda, paintings, objects)

During the opening at Galerie Bart Amsterdam the second 'Hollandse Nieuwe!' award will be awarded to the most promising newcomer from this year's harvest.
>> 'Hollandse Nieuwe!' 2016: Hedri Kool (AKV|St.Joost - Den Bosch, installation, sculpture).

Groepsexpositie 04 06 `16 / 04 09 `16
With Jeppe Lauge, Rens Krikhaar and Harry Markusse.
Shot on Location
Group exhibition 09 04 '16 / 22 05 '16

Niels Helmink
, Stephan J. EnglischMiek Uittenhout and Erik Klein Wolterink.
ODDSTREAM - Lichtkunst & High-tech art
18 03 '16 / 28 03 '16, Honigcomplex Nijmegen

For more information visit: Oddstream

Groepsexpositie 31 01 `16 / 11 03 `16
Stéphanie Hoekstra (paintings), Jannemarein Renout (photography) and Isabelle Wenzel (photography)
De taal van Materiaal
Group exhibition 06 11 '15 / 20 12 '15

With Henrique van Putten (textile), Sylvia Evers (ceramics), Susanna Inglada (paper), Kevin Bauer (wood) and Malou Cohen (mix of material).
Nieuwe Oogst 2015
Group exhibition 12 09 '15 / 18 10 '15

Our annual selection of graduation work:
Edith Diederiks (Gerrit Rietveld - Amsterdam, photography)
Karl Hedin en August Ranelid (Gerrit Rietveld - Amsterdam, audiovisual)
Bas Overbeek (ArtEZ - Arnhem, installation)
Thom Brand ( AKV|St.Joost - Den Bosch, installation)
Adonis Stoantzikis (Frank Mohr Institute- Groningen, drawings and paintings)
Iwan Smit (WdKA - Rotterdam, mixed media)
Wouter van der Laan (HKU - Utrecht, paintings)
Stefan van den Broek (HKU, Utrecht - silkscreens)
Daniek Dijkstra (HKU - Utrecht, photography)
Joost Elschot (HKU - Utrecht, movie, installation, drawings)

During the opening the first 'Hollandse Nieuwe' award has been awarded to the most promising artist from the Nieuwe Oogst exhibition.
Winner of the jury prize is the duo Karl Hedin and August Ranelid (Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam)
Winner of the gallery prize is Wouter van der Laan (HKU, Utrecht)
Groepsexpositie 19 07 `15 / 30 08 `15
With Dimitar Genchev, Saskia Blokzijl, Thijs Linssen and Stella de Kort.
De Smeltkroes @ Bart
Group exhibition with artworks and products made in 'De Smeltkroes'.

The exhibitors: Anke de Groot • Anna Treurniet • Daniëlle Papenborg • Dorine Boudewijn • Deborah Weimer • Dennis Gerritzen • Duncan de Fey • Elfi Voermans • Geertje en Clara Pouderoijen • Gerda Fransman • Isolde Venrooy • James Allworthy • Joost Seegers • Jordan Artisan •José Kranen • José Ververda • Lennard Heijer • Leo Willems • Liesbeth Eugelink • Louis Wolf • Mareef Film • Marleen Noordergraaf • Marloes Morshuis • Matthijs Brul • Michiel van Pinxteren • Noud Nota • Roy Soetekouw • Sara Donkers • StijlvoorOver • Studio in de maak • Suzan Doornbos • The Chocolate Bar • Twan Peeters

See also:

And: whiteboard animation Mareef Film

Install the app Tourtodo - from exhibitor Leo Willems - on your smartphone or tablet and explore the exhitition (code Bart). Photograper Rutger van Loo, Nijmegen:
Duo-expositie 28 03 `15 / 25 05 `15
Aldwin van de Ven and Casper Verborg

Groepsexpositie 31 01 `15 / 22 03 `15
With Jochem Rotteveel, Vincent Vreeke and René R. Kuipers.

Biënnale Gelderland 2014
Galerie Bart and Expoplu are the curators of  Biënnale Gelderland 2014. BG14 is about contemporary art and society today. The theme 'Reload' functions as a starting point and inspiration for the artists. BG14 takes place in public space and at cultural organizations in the in the city of Nijmegen. It brings controversial exhibitions, lectures, performances, music, dj's and many more.

Biënnale Gelderland, picture: Marloes de Laat
Nieuwe Oogst 2014
Group exhibition 07 09 '14 / 19 10 '14

Our annual selection of graduation work.
Saskia Blokzijl (ArtEZ - Arnhem, paintings)
Ingrid Davids (Minerva - Groningen, mixed media)
Dewi Hoppe (ArtEZ - Enschede, paintings)
Frédérique Jonker (HKU - Utrecht, paintings)
Stella de Kort (Gerrit Rietveld - Amsterdam, drawings)
Jannemarein Renout (Gerrit Rietveld - Amsterdam, digital media)
Thomas van Rijs (KABK - Den Haag, paintings)
Sjoerd Tegelaers (ArtEZ - Enschede, etching)
Milan van Wezel (AKV St. Joost - Breda, sculptures and installation)

This summer Galerie Bart is moving to a new location at the Honig-complex! The opening of the new group exhibition will be 7 September. 
Opruiming 12 04 `14 / 19 04 `14
Sale week: Small design products, furniture, lamps, art cards, office files and other beautiful, fun and useful stuff.

Come and buy!
Rob Sweere 07 03 `14 / 05 04 `14
Rob Sweere: Solo exhibition with photography, video work and installation.

Rob Sweere, Silent Sky Project#25 February 27th 2008, 4.38 – 5.08 pm. 26 Participants, Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Groepsexpositie 21 12 `13 / 22 02 `14
Jochem Rotteveel (mixed media with tape), Harry Markusse (mixed media on canvas / installation), Sylvia Evers (sculptures), Isabelle Wenzel (photography), Joel Vega (mixed media with embroidery).
Nieuwe Oogst 2013
Group exhibition 19 10 '13 / 14 12 '13
Our annual selection of graduation work

With: Jacqueline Arnold (ArtEZ, Arnhem), Frank Blommestijn en Michiel van der Werf (ArtEZ, Arnhem), Janneke Bolt (HKU, Utrecht), Elmer Driessen (Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam), Jonah Falke (ArtEZ, Enschede), Stéphanie Hoekstra (ArtEZ, Arnhem), Susanna Inglada (Frank Mohr, Groningen), Thijs Jager (ArtEZ, Arnhem), Evelien Jaspers (KABK, Den Haag), Catinka Kersten (KABK, Den Haag), Mathieu Klomp (HKU, Utrecht), Sara Koning (KABK, Den Haag).

Groepsexpositie 15 08 `13 / 12 10 `13
With Berry Sanders (paintings), Barbara Wijnveld (paintings and movie), Adrian Woods & Gidi van Maarseveen (photography and movie).
The Future Begins Now!
Festival De Oase en IFAA present IFAA Exhibition: The Future Begins Now! Putting our world first for a sustainable future.
Ivan Izquierdo, Marcos Lora Read, Kiripi Katembo Siku, Keiko Sato, Anita Waltman, Piet Jetten

Participating artists are: Ivan Izquierdo (ESP), Toufik Medjamia (DZA), Keiko Sato (JPN/NL), Anita Waltman (NL), Olivië (NL), Marcos Lora Read (DOM), Kiripi Katembo Siku (RDC), Piet Jetten (NL), Olfa Ben Ali (NL).

'The Future Begins Now' by IFAA in partnership with Festival De Oase van Stichting WHAA, Museum Het Valkhof, Etalage Derde Wal, LUX & Villa LUX, De Kaaij, Festival op 't Eiland, ACM, Taxi Hofman and Thamgidi Foundation.
The exhibition is curated by S'thabile Mlotshwa and brings major IFAA international artists that will exhibit in collaboration with Dutch artists.
Het andere landschap
Group exhibition 04 05 '13 / 29 06 '13
With Lydia Lambrechts (paintings), Eefje Bouwkamp (collages), May Heek (photography), Marcel Blom (installations) and Anne von Freyburg (mixed media on canvas).
Groepsexpositie 02 03 `13 / 28 04 `13

Group exhibition 02 03 '13 / 28 04 '13
With Anne Forest (mixed media on canvas and panel), Miek Uittenhout (photography) and Erik de Bree (mixed media on canvas and panel).

Groepsexpositie 05 01 `13 / 23 02 `13
Group exhibition: Vincent Vreeke, Yvonne LacetJosé van Tilburg and René Kuipers.
Nieuwe Oogst 2012
Group exhibition 27 10 '12 / 15 12 '12
With Niels van Bunningen, Liedewij van Eijk, Marieke Gelissen, Dimitar Genchev, Silvana Gerards, Marja Hagenauw, Gerlof Hofman, Alexandra Hunts, Olga Oostermeijer, Rudolf Romero, Yentl van Stokkum, Lars Tummers and Teun Vonk.
Wegens succes vervallen
Group exhibition 07 09 '12 / 20 10 '12
With Henrique van Putten (objects), Jeppe Lauge (paintings), Louise te Poele (photography), Jonas Wijtenburg (installation) and Marco Overkamp (objects).
Group exhibition 16 06 '12 / 01 09 '12
With Stephan J. Englisch (photography), Jakob Roepke (collages), Ania Rachmat (photography), Erik Buijs (objects) and Joel Vega (objects).
Groepsexpositie 14 04 `12 / 09 06 `12
With Jochem Rotteveel (works with tape), Joyce van Dongen (paintings), Frode Bolhuis (objects) and Black Ink Lab (drawings).
From different corners
Group exhibition 18 02 '12 / 07 04 '12
'From different corners' was a traveling exhibition of works on paper. The participating galleries came from Germany, Austria, France, Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

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