Galerie Bart
Elandsgracht 16
1016 TW Amsterdam
+31 20 320 62 08

Opening hours during exhibitions:

Tuesday – Wednesday
appointment only
Thursday – Sunday
13:00 – 17:00 (shorter opening hours due to the new COVID-19 regulations)

• Check the current exhibition dates. In between exhibitions, the gallery is only open on appointment.

• Galerie Bart is following government regulations due to the COVID-19 virus. We are taking the necessary precautions for hygiene. Please remain at a safe distance of 1.5 meters to others, thank you!

• We are currently not accepting unsolicited submissions from artists. Hard copy materials will not be returned. We recommend this article for tips about promoting yourself as an artist.


Galerie Bart is a contemporary art gallery in Amsterdam with a focus on both established and young artists who have graduated in the Netherlands, excelling through their innovative craftsmanship. At Bart’s you will find artists who make either work that is playful and fresh, solid and sharp, serene and light-hearted or serious with a touch of humour. They seek out the limits of their medium and question them, with the aim of pushing the boundaries. The artists that Galerie Bart collaborates with include painters, draughtsmen, photographers, sculptors and installation artists, but they rarely allow themselves to be captured within those classifications. All have in common that they not only work conceptually, but that the work results in a strong visual imagery, whether abstract or figurative.  We alternately organize about 7 solo, duo or group exhibitions per year. In addition, we offer a diverse program of small-scale events, including other art disciplines, such as film, word art, music and performance.

Bart Hoogwegt had started his first gallery in Nijmegen in 2003 before he opened a second branch in Amsterdam on the Bloemgracht in 2007. In 2013 this gallery moved to its current, more spacious location on the Elandsgracht. We promote our artists on the national and international art market, for instance by participating in foreign art fairs. We are in close contact with corporate collections in the Netherlands and many of our artists have been included in these important collections. In addition, most artists regularly participate in museum exhibitions. Our private customers and visitors are not only passionate collectors, but also often young and orientating. As a gallery, we strive to be accessible and open in our contact with the visitors and our mission is to lower the high threshold that surrounds the gallery world and to appeal to a wider, more diverse audience.

• Galerie Bart is associated with the KunstKoop (stimulus program for buying art) of the Mondriaan Fund and is a member of the Dutch Gallery Association (NGA).


Bart Hoogwegt - Gallery Owner

Gallery owner Bart Hoogwegt has founded his first Gallery in Nijmegen, in 2003, because of his great appreciation for contemporary art and to provide a platform for artists that have studied in the Netherlands. In 2007 he opened a second gallery in the centre of Amsterdam, to bring the artists in contact with a wider audience. The gallery in Nijmegen has recently been transformed into a non profit project space named Expo Bart, to give artists the opportunity to experiment even further and to seek new collaborations.

Merel de Kok - Director -

With previous experience in museum as well as gallery organisations, and a BA in Cultural Studies (Minor Museum Studies) and a MA in Heritage Studies, Merel de Kok is bringing both academic and practical experience to the gallery. She wishes to show visitors the importance of art, be it as a reflection of society, or a way to retreat from that same society, just for a little while. She wants to make buying art accessible to everyone and translates this into a gallery management that strives to be open and welcoming for artists, art enthousiasts as well as art buyers.

Krista Jongsma - Art Producer -

As producer of Galerie Bart, Krista is responsible for the management of the organizational aspects surrounding the gallery and exhibitions. Before joining the gallery in 2018 she has worked in various institutions in the cultural sector, bringing her operational experience to Galerie Bart. "Having studied and worked as a designer for a while, I have always found inspiration in art and I have great appreciation for the creative force of artists, showing us known and new aspects of life from their unique perspective. I appreciate the intricate play of colour and composition and material, but most of all I like to be surprised. To learn something new about a topic, a viewpoint or an emotion or ambiance."

Niek de Brabander - Gallery Manager -

As an art historian and musicologist, Niek de Brabander specializes in multimedia-installation and contemporary culture in the broadest sense. Having worked as a researcher and in both a museum and an auction house, his experience with the different aspects of the world of contemporary art adds to the exhibiting and sales expertise at Galerie Bart.

Charlotte Thomas - Gallery PR Manager -

Charlotte Thomas is a Belgian art and architectural historian who has lost her heart to the Dutch cultural landscape. From childhood on she was stimulated by the power of art and architecture on the general public. Her fascination for 'ugly architecture' and the human art experience is a common thread in her publications. Having worked as a writer, an editor, a researcher, a guide and even a sales assistant, in different cultural organizations, her experience with the different aspects of the cultural world adds to the exhibiting and sales expertise at Galerie Bart.

Nienke Francisca - Gallery Assistant -

Nienke is a cultural heritage professional who has gained work experience mainly in the museum sector. From her experience she has been active in the management and preservation of art and heritage objects from the past. Now she is ready to support Galerie Bart with her expertise. Nienke enjoys contemporary art where it is possible to speak with the artist herself, which adds to the experience of contemporary art for her. Knowing who is behind the artwork and their story is what Nienke finds interesting.


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