Expo Bart Nijmegen

Besides Galerie Bart Amsterdam, Bart has a second branch in Nijmegen: Expo Bart. Bart started in 2003 as Bart Kunst in Huis in the Nijmegen city centre, moving to the Honig complex in 2013. There, it developed into the project space Expo Bart, where exciting crossovers can be made between visual arts, science, multimedia, and the performing arts. Currently, the project space is located at the new cultural hotspot NYMA, where it opened its doors on 9 September 2023.

At Expo Bart, artists are challenged to create their work on the spot, to experiment, and to engage in new encounters. During their working period, collaboration is sought with fellow artists, performers, designers, or scientists. Every two to three months, a new project starts in the living lab, transforming the entire space into the artist’s playground. Both the end result and the creative process are important, so the public is welcome to follow developments on location or via social media. For each project, a side programme is put together in consultation with the artist, allowing the exhibition to be experienced in unique ways and exploring specific themes in greater depth. Expo Bart’s opening days vary per project. Before visiting, always check Facebook, Instagram, or the project page on www.ExpoBart.nl for the current opening hours.

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Expo Bart • NYMA
reopens 09.09.2023
Waalplein 6
6541 AX Nijmegen
(+31 24 3600577
currently out of use)

Expo Bart Nijmegen