a ppr oc he Paris 2023

a ppr oc he Paris 2023

Jannemarein Renout

art fair

09.11.2023 12.11.2023

Galerie Bart is present at approche Paris with artworks by Jannemarein Renout. approche Paris is a boutique art fair dedicated to artists who experiment with the photographic medium, consisting exclusively of solo shows. This 7th edition of approche will take place from 9 — 12 November 2023.

Halfway between photography and digital art, Jannemarein Renout’s work is characterized by the invention of creative devices. Since 2014, the artist has been developing a technique to generate photographic images using modified flatbed scanners, whose light source is switched off, and which therefore react to daylight. Identified as “renography” by Taco Hidde Bakker, in reference to Man Ray’s photogrammic rayographies, this technique enables Jannemarein Renout to reproduce daylight with variations in color and pattern: visualizations without intention or composition. With a multiplication of methods: the use of scanners of different makes or types, of several scanners simultaneously, or in a constant and methodical manner, the artist nourishes this renographic device. Today, she owns an astonishing collection of 38 scanner models.

Jannemarein Renout’s work proposes a dialogue between coincidence and influence around this critical moment in the creative process. Her aim is to minimize her influence as an image-maker. She gives the medium’s intervention a power that challenges the artist’s authority.

For a ppr oc he, Jannemarein Renout presents the RAIN series, in which she studies the contact of her scanners with her natural environment, and more specifically with rain. Her work is part of a research into the imagery of change, the evolution of time and continuous movement.

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a ppr oc he Paris 2023