Art on Paper Brussels

Art on Paper Brussels

Nomin Zezegmaa, Toni van Tiel, Sanne Maloe Slecht

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05.10.2023 08.10.2023

Galerie Bart is proud to present Sanne Maloe Slecht, Nomin Zezegmaa, and Toni van Tiel at Art on Paper Brussels. These three artists have their own distinctive artistic styles, yet their commonalities are the power of imagination and the exploration of boundaries.
Sanne Maloe Slecht (1987, NL) plays with the possibilities that the concept of ‘space’ entails. When she paints, she often thinks of concepts such as the multiverse or parallel universes. ‘I am inspired by the idea of multiple, co-existing realities. Or the idea of a reality that exists out of our sight and has never been observed or discovered by us.’ Lately, she realised that the multiverse does not only exist around us but can also be found within ourselves. These approaches are also embraced in her works on paper. 
Nomin Zezegmaa (1992, DE/MN) is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, researcher, and writer. In her work, theory and practice deviate along a spectrum of elusive matter and non-matter by employing and exploring immaterial entities, digging into non-linear histories, and embodied and experienced memory. In this mythopoeic story-telling, she operates as a mediator and connector between realms of an ancient past, diasporic non-localities, and Mongol cosmology—to imagine, fiction, and speculate on other potentialities, futures & world(beings). At Art on Paper, Nomin presents four drawings called Embodied Excavation of Mongol Futurist Resilience: Drawing from the Unconscious.
Toni van Tiel (1979, NL) is a sculptor on paper. For Art on Paper Brussels, we carefully selected a few artworks by his hand that show the essence of Toni’s work. Even if his works are two-dimensional, he builds them up as if the whole public space arises from the paper. In his drawings, he creates monuments, fountains, and roundabouts—sculptures in imaginary public spaces. They exist on paper, and the viewer’s imagination does the rest. Ideas for the drawings come to him intuitively, and humour plays a big role in his work. 

Art on Paper Brussels 5 – 8 October 2023
05 October : by invitation only
06 > 08 October : public days

Opening Hours
11.00 – 19.00

Gare Maritime – Tour & Taxis
Rue Picard 11, B-1000 Brussels

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Art on Paper Brussels