Art Rotterdam 2023

Art Rotterdam 2023

Hemaseh Manawi Rad, Nomin Zezegmaa and Rotteveel Vermeer

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08.02.2023 12.02.2023

We are pleased to present the work of Nomin Zezegmaa, Hemaseh Manawi Rad and Rotteveel Vermeer at Art Rotterdam 2023. 

Nomin Zezegmaa (1992, DE/MN) is a Berlin and Ulaanbataar based multidisciplinary artist, researcher and writer. In her work, theory and practice deviate along a spectrum of elusive matter and non-matter by employing and exploring immaterial entities, digging into non-linear histories, embodied and experienced memory. The often sculptural and tactile works find fluid expression in an amorphous multiplicity of medium and material, where applied and unapplied arts meet on equal ground—with the urgency to blur and diffuse the rigid borders and boundaries between art, design, crafts and histories.

Hemaseh Manawi Rad’s (1995, NL) work is a dialogue between cultures. Her Persian roots and current Western environment create friction in experiences. These triggers inspire her to create tactile and textile works that do justice to both cultures. Hemaseh tries to embrace the intermediate area between two cultures as one. The work balances between Middle Eastern and Western themes. The subjects visualised in the works are based on Hemaseh’s personal life, drawing from memories, traditions, stories and experiences. To feel at home, she chooses and models traditions from both cultures.

Rotteveel Vermeer, is a Dutch art studio by colorists Jochem Rotteveel (1976, NL) and Thomas Vermeer (1984, NL). Their work is an expression of Jochem and Thomas’ shared fascination with colour. Both of them start with the same process: creating colour studies. They explore how colours can affect each other as well as how they affect the mood of the viewer. The result of their efforts is a collaborative series of works, created in the tradition of Jochem’s methodology. With foil and tape, they investigate several boundaries. By folding the foil, they add volume onto flat surfaces, stretching the boundary between two-dimensional and three-dimensional. The material becomes pasty but does not reveal its origins. The spectator does not know whether it is metal, plastic or ceramic.

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