Jochem Rotteveel, Thomas Vermeer

duo exhibition

19.02.2022 25.03.2022

Galerie Bart is pleased to announce a new duo exhibition with Jochem Rotteveel and Thomas Vermeer.

Artist Jochem Rotteveel explores all artistic possibilities within the limitations that he sets for himself by his choice of materials: tape and adhesive plastic foil of all sorts and sizes. By folding the foil intuitively so that it rises above the plane of the substrate and sticking it around the edges, he blurs the dividing line between two-and three-dimensionality. Jochem takes a painter’s approach in his way of thinking and working: although he is not able to blend the colours physically, his aim is to blend the colours optically.

Fashion stylist Thomas Vermeer relies on his love of material, shape and colour, which translates into a distinguished vision and modernity, as well as colour-popping and energetic creations. Both Jochem and Thomas had been following each other’s career for a while, and when they met they were astonished at their similar view on use of colour.

Galerie Bart has given Jochem and Thomas the chance to explore what happens when art and design meet. Until now, this collaboration has given them a boost of inspiration and energy. Their aim is to concentrate this positivity into colourful works that will resonate with the viewer.

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19.02.2022 / 13:00 – 18:00: Opening.

You are welcome to join us for the opening of BOOST.
We are following the Dutch COVID-19 regulations.

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