Structures that Reveal in Time

Structures that Reveal in Time

Josua Wechsler

solo exhibition

02.09.2022 22.10.2022

Galerie Bart is proud to present the ‘Structures that Reveal in Time’, a solo and garden exhibition with works by sculptor Josua Wechsler (1986, CH).

Whenever Josua embarks on a journey of discovery in nature, he seeks out the pure experience and strength that the natural environment has to offer. The fascination he has with the idiom and energy of natural processes is clear in all his work. The sculptures he creates are hybrid in character, mediate between nature and culture and often sharply contrast the stylistic elements of nature with unnatural material or colour use. Josua experiences the conflict between these two worlds on a daily basis, which keeps him and his thoughts in a state of flux. Because, although Josua feels most at ease outside, his search for a life close to nature is still his biggest challenge: “The problems humans have created have reached critical levels through our violation of the laws of life and our loss of a connection with our roots.”

If Josua notices that his own connection with nature is weakening, he heads out into the great outdoors for a few weeks or months at a time. Living simply and by his wits, he is able to enjoy the little things and reflect on his own actions. “Exposed to the elements, dormant instincts and qualities like watchfulness, respect, sensitivity and an openness to new experiences all return. I become more aware of my abilities and dependencies and have to listen to and rely on my body and senses.”


02.09.22 / 17:00 – 21:00 Opening Gallery Season with group exhibition Structures that Reveal in Time.

You are welcome to join us for the festive opening of Structures that Reveal in Time, which will happen together with the opening of our group exhibition Connection.

Structures that Reveal in Time