Jeppe Lauge

Jeppe Lauge assembles images of landscapes into digital collages of geometric forms and patterns. ‘When I see a landscape, I see a complex picture, a shaped space to which we added layers over time. In my work I’m always searching for ways to excavate the layers in order to know how to relate to it’. As a result, the painted images evoke both recognition and alienation – for on closer inspection, a pine forest proves to be impossibly dense, and a tree turns out to be built up out of countless fragments. In his the smaller canvases, he zooms into the structure of trees and branches. ‘With those, I’m interested in the contrast of where two elements touch, the line that arises there.’

About his larger works, Lauge states how a diagonal line leads the eye: ‘Your eyes zoom along a row of trees toward the bottom right-hand corner. There’s speed in that. The restfulness of the large area of sky then offers a counterbalance.’

• Recent exhibitions at Galerie Bart: KunstRAI 2021 • Around the Corner 2019.


Jeppe Lauge, born in 1980, in Århus DK, lives and works in Kulhuse, DK, but lived in The Netherlands for 11 years. In 2011 he graduated from Gerrit Rietveld Academy with a BFA in Amsterdam. He has exhibited in various group and solo exhibitions in Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, France and The Netherlands. His exhibitions include: ‘OSTRALE Biennale for contemporary art’ in 2019 in Dresden, ‘REMIX #5’ at Galerie kunstmix in Copenhagen in 2019, ‘Around the Corner’ at Galerie Bart in Amsterdam in 2018, ‘Somewhere around here’ at e.artis contemporary in Chemnitz in 2018 and ‘The Luxembourg Art Prize’ in 2017.

Jeppe was an artist-in-residence for three months at the Tweede Nassau Ateliers and has been nominated for the Luxembourg Art Prize in 2017. His work is included in several collections such as the DELA Art Collection. The collaboration between Jeppe and Galerie Bart dates back to 2012.

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2018 •
ARTSCI Magazine issue 1The Museum of Awe, NASA by Cecilie Var Norsahl.
01.11 De Volkskrant De crematoriumkunst van Dela: werken die schuren en waar je een fijne zucht bij laat by Bart Dirks.
16.07 Ugenda ZomerExpo tijdens de Nijmeegse Vierdaagsefeesten by Galerie Bart.
2012 •
25.03 Lost Painters Appels Gallery: Raquel van Haver, Kim David Bots en Jeppe Lauge.

Jeppe Lauge