Silent White

Silent White

Jeppe Lauge

solo exhibition

03.09.2021 09.10.2021

The paintings by Jeppe Lauge (b. 1980, Århus, DK) show a fragmented landscape. While using both realistic and abstracted elements, he brings about contradicting sensations, alternating between the peaceful and unsettling. In these paintings, Jeppe documents nature as he sees it. He roams through field and forest, camera in hand, as a preliminary investigation for his work. The photos are digitally combined, altered, and layered to form a new composite image that becomes the sketch for the work, which he pastily paints in oil on canvas.

The compositions, consisting of several images or perspectives, are Jeppe’s entrance into depicting an environment undergoing an never stopping evolution, touched and formed by both nature and humankind. The paintings encourage a confrontation, or dialog, with the viewer. We are invited to step into the landscape, to take part in the space and get connected with it. Simultaneously, the abstract elements are influencing and changing the way we perceive the landscape.

In his newest works, Jeppe uses these abstract patterns to create a kind of fog. As he explains: ‘When walking through a fog, your senses are sharpened in a way. The colour spectrum is different, what you’re able to see is limited, but what’s just around you gains a totally different kind of attention. It’s interesting that by adding a geometric abstraction I am able to direct what gets your attention.’

• More about Jeppe Lauge.

• Silent White is on view together with Looking is Touching by Jannemarein Renout.

Special Events

Friday, 03.09.2021: 17.00 / 21.00 • Opening Gallery Season.
Saturday, 04.09.2021: 11.00 / 18.00 • Opening Gallery Season.
Sunday, 05.09.2021: 11.00 / 18.00 • Opening Gallery Season.

You are welcome to join us for the festive opening of Silent White, which will happen together with the opening of solo exhibition Looking is Touching by Jannemarein Renout. During the whole weekend all participating galleries in Amsterdam will have the same opening hours and will present new shows, to start the cultural season with a bang.

Silent White