Tim Wunderink

Materials from home improvement or second-hand stores play the main role in the seemingly simple but balanced work of artist Tim Wunderink. ‘Hardly any paint comes into play in my work, but it does refer strongly to painting. My search for a composition, the distribution of form and colour, is like that of a painter’s.’

Underlying Tim’s use of materials is a fascination for construction sites. ‘In the interior of a building on such a site, you can see the layers between the ceiling and the floor. I look in a similar manner at a leaky old air mattress, for example. What would it look like from the inside out? In that way I discover interesting patterns and forms that comprise a rhythm as a whole.’

By stretching parts of objects on a canvas or combining them in an installation, he shares his findings with the viewer, who then rediscovers a familiar material. ‘The inside of a utilitarian object is meant to be purely functional,’ says Tim. ‘But the inside is precisely what I want to show, by giving it a different function and context. The result is something new.’

• Recent exhibitions at Galerie Bart: Tim Wunderink & Wim Jacobs 2021 • Summer Show 2019.


Tim Wunderink, born in 1991 in Alkmaar, currently lives and works in Utrecht. He completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the HKU Utrecht in 2018. He has been exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions since. Solo exhibitions include: ‘Things I used to paint’ at EXboot in Utrecht in 2019, This Art Fair in 2018 and ‘Onder constructie’ at AK24, Puschkin in Utrecht. Group exhibitions include ‘Zomer 2020’ at Gomulan Gallery in Amsterdam in 2020, ‘Wat zie ik?’ at Galerie Pouleouff in Naarden-Vesting in 2019 and ‘Summer Show’ at Galerie Bart in Amsterdam in 2019.

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2019 •
27.05 NPO Radio 4 Opium Atelier Tim Wunderink: ‘Ik wil reflecteren op wat ik heb gemaakt.’

2018 •
06/07 Palet Jaargang 75 #401 Jong Talent: Op de bodem van het zwembad met Tim Wunderink by Merel van den Nieuwenhof.

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Tim Wunderink