Composing the Perhaps

Composing the Perhaps

Tim Wunderink & Wim Jacobs

duo exhibition

27.02.2021 04.04.2021

No fully painted canvases, but a relative emptiness from which shapes and colours emerge. Wim Jacobs is frugal with his visual elements, applies details thoughtfully, but also leaves room for spontaneity. The honesty with which the materials – oil paint, pencil and oil crayon, but also the canvas – show themselves, gives a personal insight into the creative process, without the work revealing all its secrets.

Even though a brush was never part of the making process, Tim Wunderink’s earlier work clearly referred to painting. Yet despite the fact that it was primarily presented on the wall, it already had a highly spatial quality. Now he is taking this three-dimensionality further. Found objects are both the starting point and the material for his assemblages, in which he disconnects such objects from their original function and transforms them into something new.

Spatiality plays a major role for both artists. Wim competes with the empty space of the canvas, by adding his abstract shapes in a precisely balanced way. The white surface could almost be our white gallery space where Tim’s objects and sculptures will find their place. Both artists are playful and work with a similar colour palette. Together they know how to transform the gallery into a playground where everything is still possible.

Composing the Perhaps is on view together with Magic by Frode Bolhuis.
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Special Events

Saturday, 30.01.21: 13.00 / 18.00 • Official exhibition opening
You are welcome to join us for the opening of Composing the Perhaps, which will happen together with the opening of Magic by Frode Bolhuis.

Composing the Perhaps