a ppr oc he Paris 2022

a ppr oc he Paris 2022

Isabelle Wenzel

art fair

10.11.2022 13.11.2022

Galerie Bart is pleased to be present at a ppr oc he once again. This time we will be showing both a retrospective of iconic photos and the newest body of work of Isabelle Wenzel. 

The central focus of the photographs of Isabelle Wenzel is the body as a physical form, rather than people themselves. By making a photograph, she freezes a pose in time as it were, and in doing so draws attention to the sculptural qualities of the body. In order to achieve a certain image, the manoeuvres need to be carried out repeatedly. In this way, Wenzel does her own little experimental performance in front of the camera, which captures it for us in ‘frozen’ form as a photograph.

The retrospective shown at a ppr oc he provides an insight in the development of Isabelle’s work for over a decade. Even though her work remains ever playful, sculptural and colourful, the subject has somewhat changed. Over time, Isabelle’s commissions for the fashion industry and her autonomous work have become more and more intertwined, giving way to elaborate costumes and fabrics. This often results in a lively image with Isabelle being overflowed by brightly coloured or patterned textiles.

Recently, Isabelle expanded her artistic practice to filmmaking. Her first film Automatia explores what it means to be human, and how her body relates to machines and to nature. The film will be shown during the entire fair.


Entry for a ppr oc he is free, upon reservation through their website only. Book your spot here!

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a ppr oc he Paris 2022