Amsterdam Light Festival – Capital Gallery

Amsterdam Light Festival – Capital Gallery

Marleen Sleeuwits


01.12.2022 22.01.2023

This year is the eleventh edition of Amsterdam Light Festival where you can get inspired by the twenty light artworks against the backdrop of Amsterdam. In addition to the works of art in the main route, (light) art can be seen in Capital Gallery.

The central hall of Capital C will be temporarily decorated by Amsterdam Light Festival with the light artwork by Erik Kessels and Marleen Sleeuwits. Marleen will show three artworks: Interior no. 59, Interior no. 60, Interior no. 61. These are the result of a site-specific installation she created for the Museum für Konkrete Kunst in Ingolstadt (DE). The rhythm of the lighting, the endless repetition of tubelights in this space stood out to her and formed the basis for her installation. Her false walls don’t touch the ceiling, to leave room for the imagination: where does the installation end and the museum space begin? As always with her work, Marleen’s temporary installation is eternalized in the photographs. But these aren’t just photos. She cut the lights out of the prints and presented them in light boxes, to recreate the three-dimensionality and luminescent character of the installation. This way she mixes the realities of the photo and the installation, making the museum, the spatial work and the light box flow into one another.

You can admire the exhibition during the entire festival period from 10 am to 11 pm. Be sure to drop by!

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Amsterdam Light Festival – Capital Gallery