Art Rotterdam 2021

Art Rotterdam 2021

Marleen Sleeuwits and Jochem Rotteveel

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01.07.2021 04.07.2021

We are pleased to present the work of Marleen Sleeuwits and Jochem Rotteveel at Art Rotterdam 2021.

Multidisciplinary artist Marleen Sleeuwits has a special eye for the alienating quality of seemingly nondescript, everyday use spaces. Marleen increasingly reuses the inherent characteristics of a location. By doing so, she questions notions of affordances, material, design, usability, and, most importantly, recognizability. Jochem Rotteveel explores all artistic possibilities within the limitations that he sets for himself by his choice of materials: tape and adhesive plastic foil. By pasting related shades next to each other or by adding transparent layers, he finds painterly solutions with this material.

Both artists work across disciplines and are fascinated by spatiality and scale, while playing with 2D and 3D perception. Marleen’s art twists the visual element of reality and creates optical illusions. Jochem is using the folds and creases of his foils to add a sculptural quality to his murals. They both translate this fascination in huge site-specific interventions. In addition, Marleen uses photography to reframe her installations, while Jochem creates smaller foil ‘paintings’.

At Art Rotterdam 2021 Marleen will present new photographs based on the installation that she made for Museum für Konkrete Kunst in Ingolstadt in 2020. Jochem will show new works as well and he will make a site-specific mural and new foil paintings that will premiere at the art fair.

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Art Rotterdam 2021