Everyday: After the storm

Everyday: After the storm

Jisan Ahn

solo exhibition

26.11.2020 21.02.2021

Two dogs guardedly eye each other from a distance. A forlorn Christmas tree lies on a deserted street, months after the holidays. What with the changes in the streetscape this year, the interests of Jisan Ahn have also shifted. His newest paintings reflect the situation in which we currently find ourselves throughout the world. Despite these dark times, his work has become more colourful, while what previously took place indoors now occurs in a more landscape-like setting – one with a limited range, however, situated in the nearby urban environment: ‘I cautiously open a window or a door.’

What awaits us when the storm dies down? Chaos, from which people take shelter underground, in a metro station. Damage, as we can see by a tree whose broken branches are lying in front of a store window or a bird that has lost its wings. However, decay does not exclude beauty; it even offers room for an aesthetic we previously took for granted. Says Jisan, ‘What has been damaged can still – or even because of that – shine. That’s also a part of life. After a period of being housebound, it’s suddenly special to eat an ice cream outdoors. Little moments of happiness like that are a new form of romanticism.’

• More about Jisan Ahn.
• Everyday: After the storm is shown together with solo exhibition Crowds by Susanna Inglada.

Special Events

Thursday, 26.11.20 – Sunday 29.11.20 • Amsterdam Art Gallery Weekend
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Thursday, 26.11.20: 17.00 / 20.00 • Official exhibition opening 
Time subject to change. You are welcome to join us for the opening of ‘Everyday’, which will happen together with the opening of ‘Crowds’ by Susanna Inglada.

• Following government regulations due to the COVID-19 virus, reservations to enter the gallery are NOT required, but the gallery will allow a maximum of 12 visitors inside at the same time. Please wear a face mask when entering the gallery. We are also taking the other necessary precautions for hygiene. Please remain at a safe distance of 1.5 meters to others, thank you!


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Everyday: After the storm