photo basel 2023

photo basel 2023

Jannemarein Renout, Marleen Sleeuwits

art fair

13.06.2023 18.06.2023

We are present at Photo Basel 2023 with Jannemarein Renout and Marleen Sleeuwits! You can find us at stand no. 06.

photo basel strives to include and combine galleries that are young as well as those that are renowned, Swiss exhibitors as well as international ones, those with a bold contemporary program as well as others with strong historic positions. The fair aims to provide its visitors and collectors with the ultimate chance to connect with galleries whose respective exhibition programs demonstrate a strong predilection for translating the DNA of momentous photographic practices, historic and contemporary, as well as a gift for revealing talents, from emerging or previously overlooked to underrated or established.

Visual artist Jannemarein Renout challenges the medium of photography by creating her own devices. She invented a technique of generating photographic images with altered flatbed scanners – from which its light source is switched off – and therefore reacts to daylight. In her on-going project, SCAN_2400, Jannemarein is concerned with making the invisible visible. Light, motion, and time form the palet for creating her works of art. The renographical device translates daylight into different colors and patterns: visualizations without intention or composition.

In recent works of Marleen Sleeuwits, she has increasingly blurred the line between her 2D photo and her spatial art, with the result of calling into question the visual aspect of reality. She frequently reuses location-specific materials in her installations, such as panels from dropped ceilings, carpet tiles, fluorescent lighting tubes and glass wool. She plays with perspectives, optical illusions and scale. Moreover, through her emergence from behind the camera into the field of practice, she alternatingly challenges the role of photographer, sculptor, architect, or painter.

Photo Basel takes place from June 13–18
Opening hours:
Tuesday, June 13th from 12h-20h
Wednesday, June 14th from 12h-20h
Thursday, June 15th from 12h-20h
Friday, June 16th from 12h-20h
Saturday, June 17th from 12h-20h
Sunday, June 18th, from 12h-18h

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photo basel 2023