A Summer Symbiosis

A Summer Symbiosis

Adonis Stoantzikis, Alexandra Hunts, Esmay Groot Koerkamp, Kuno Grommers

group exhibition

24.07.2021 21.08.2021

The definition of symbiosis states the following: a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups, or in biology: a close, long-term association between organisms of different species. This is what we have aimed for: although the four chosen artists are concerned with different themes, they are brought together based on their own artistic qualities, to bring out the best in each other.

The first of the four presented artists, Adonis Stoantzikis, is searching for a balance between the figurative and the abstract in his paintings and sculptures. He is a colourist and finds a certain degree of abstraction helpful in his expression. Abstraction makes a work more personal, yet at the same time leaves more room for interpretation.

Next, Alexandra Hunts disturbs the lines between legitimate and illegitimate forms of knowledge. In her artistic practice, she makes use of different media such as photography, sculpture, and installation.

The third artist, Esmay Groot Koerkamp uses her drawing practice to find her way in all of existence. Her main sources of inspiration are mythical and prehistoric paintings, drawings and images. Visual language is also used in her work by depicting contemporary subjects, behaviours and products from society.

Kuno Grommers completes the troop with his new body of work. Whereas photography often brings time and movement to a standstill within the frame of an image, Kuno uses the camera to capture the spatial dynamics of a static image. Abstract geometric shapes and large areas of colour are the starting point for installations that seem to defy the laws of gravity.

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Special Event

Exhibition opening

Saturday, 24.07.2021 & Sunday 25.07.2021 13.00 / 18.00 
You are welcome to join us for the opening of A Summer Symbiosis. We will serve cocktails composed by Adonis. He also has invited Kindimmer, sound engineer, record producer and electronic artist, to provide for a special soundscape. There is no need to book a timeslot. We will follow the Dutch COVID-19 regulations.


05.08.21 Het Parool Dubbelspel tussen ratio en emotie by Edo Dijksterhuis.

A Summer Symbiosis