Summer Show 2021

Summer Show 2021

Adonis Stoantzikis, Alexandra Hunts, Esmay Groot Koerkamp, Kuno Grommers

group exhibition

24.07.2021 21.08.2021

In his new work, Adonis Stoantzikis is searching for a balance between the figurative and the abstract. He is a colourist and finds a certain degree of abstraction helpful in his expression. Abstraction makes a work more personal yet at the same time leaves more room for interpetation.

Does knowledge lead to understanding? The art of Alexandra Hunts disturbs the lines between legitimate and illegitimate forms of knowledge. In her artistic practice, she makes use of different media such as photography, sculpture, and installation art. Through these means, her research primarily engages with notions of materiality, information, and the subsequent possibilities for the mastering of skills.

Drawing helps Esmay Groot Koerkamp find her way into existence. “I process my search as in a diary. In my drawings I try to illuminate all sides of the story. One big source of inspiration is mythical and prehistoric paintings, drawings and images. Our distant ancestors searched for statements, expressing themselves through images. Those images were converted into their own visual language.” Visual language is also used in her work by depicting contemporary subjects, behaviours and products from society, such as Nike logos, mobile phones, or the well-known Adidas stripes.

Whereas photography often brings time and movement to a standstill within the frame of an image, Kuno Grommers uses the camera to capture the spatial dynamics of a static image. Abstract geometric shapes and large areas of colour are the starting point for installations that seem to defy the laws of gravity. The optical illusions putting our powers of perception to the test are the result of Kuno’s innovative play with two important mainstays of photography: light and darkness.

Artworks coming soon.

Summer Show 2021