The Waiting

The Waiting

Tamara Muller

solo exhibition

03.10.2020 15.11.2020

In exhibition ‘The Waiting’, Tamara Muller’s canvases seem to pose questions. To the viewer, but in the first instance also to herself. Tamara’s work invariably features her own face, ‘stuck’ onto the bodies of children or, recently, male figures, at times boyish, at times with bare muscular torsos. These are seldom self-portraits; after an initial personal impulse, the work drifts further away from herself during the making process in order to tell a more universal story.

‘I investigate different roles, in the same way that an actor does by drawing upon their own possibilities and experiences. I too am very many others, just as everyone has different sides and layers. We feel that we are unique, but we identify with each other at points where we are the same.’ There is an intermingling of extremes: male and female, adult and child, perpetrator and victim, human and animal. ‘The dividing line between dominating, imprisoning and mistreating and cuddling and caring is sometimes a thin one. The animals in the paintings are domesticated, but there is always something wild in the lurking. And not just in the household pets, because civilized man also often lapses into beastly behaviour.’

What with the collective (a)waiting in domestic settings, the significance of Tamara’s work also has shifted in recent months. Are we waiting for each other, looking at other people in search of answers? ‘It’s up to us. What are we going to do?’ says Tamara. ‘Human behaviour is what interests me. My own as well, in relation to others. I paint the game of life, the humour and the pain, the touching imperfections of man.’ Through her work, she explores the world and makes contact with the viewer. If we follow the gaze of the characters, then perhaps the answers are mostly outside the frame of the picture, on the viewer’s side.

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Special Events.

Friday, 02.10.20, Saturday 03.10.20 & Sunday 04.10.20: 12.00 / 18.00 • Unseen at the gallery.
Presenting a program of undiscovered photography talent and unseen works by well-known photographers, over 27 galleries from Amsterdam initiated a weekend of photography. Supported by Unseen Amsterdam this is a physical answer to digital fairs, all galleries can be visited on the spot throughout the city. You can also visit the exhibition The Waiting by Tamara Muller.

Saturday, 03.10.20: 12.00 / 19.00 • Official exhibition opening party.
You are welcome to join us for the opening of The Waiting, which will happen together with the opening of Counting to 10 by Isabelle Wenzel.

• Following government regulations due to the COVID-19 virus, reservations to enter the gallery are NOT required, but the gallery will allow a maximum of 12 visitors inside at the same time. Please wear a face mask when entering the gallery. We are also taking the other necessary precautions for hygiene. Please remain at a safe distance of 1.5 meters to others, thank you!


06.11.20 Het Parool Expo: Tamara Muller The Waiting by Edo Dijksterhuis.

The Waiting