Counting to 10

Counting to 10

Isabelle Wenzel

solo exhibition

02.10.2020 15.11.2020

…8, 9, 10. Isabelle Wenzel has ten seconds to take a pose before the camera clicks. Capturing a movement under pressure of time is closely related to photography, a medium whose significance is changing nowadays. We take tonnes of photographs but mainly look at the results on the reflecting screens of our computers and cell phones or send them off into the Cloud and forget about them. The book of photographs that Isabelle has been working on over the past few months is the starting point for this exhibition because of its tangibility and the care and attention that goes into it.

Making choices and combinations, turning the pages and pouring over images that stick in your memory or overlap is a process that she has translated into a wall-sized installation. Here she combines older works with recent works, intersperses photos of her own movements with photos of animals in unusual poses and details of the natural landscape, with which she has recently rediscovered a connection. ‘In this digital age we experience nature and the weather only sporadically. By doing fieldwork and photographing my movements in the open air – where I can touch the earth or feel the grass – I have a physical connection with my surroundings and with the moment.’

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Special Events

Friday, 02.10.20, Saturday 03.10.20 & Sunday 04.10.20: 12.00 / 18.00 • Unseen at the gallery.
Presenting a program of undiscovered photography talent and unseen works by well-known photographers, over 27 galleries from Amsterdam initiated a weekend of photography. Supported by Unseen Amsterdam this is a physical answer to digital fairs, all galleries can be visited on the spot throughout the city.

Saturday, 03.10.20: 12.00 / 19.00 • Official exhibition opening party.
You are welcome to join us for the opening of Counting to 10, which will happen together with the opening of The Waiting by Tamara Muller.

• Following government regulations due to the COVID-19 virus, reservations to enter the gallery are NOT required, but the gallery will allow a maximum of 12 visitors inside at the same time. Please wear a face mask when entering the gallery. We are also taking the other necessary precautions for hygiene. Please remain at a safe distance of 1.5 meters to others, thank you!


Counting to 10