Unseen Amsterdam 2022

Unseen Amsterdam 2022

Marleen Sleeuwits

art fair

16.09.2022 18.09.2022

Unseen Amsterdam is an art fair dedicated to the latest developments in contemporary photography.

During Unseen Amsterdam 2022 we will be presenting the newest body of work by multi-disciplinary artist Marleen Sleeuwits (1980, NL) in a solo presentation. The selection consists of two mixed media works, currently also on show at Museum Escher in het Paleis, and six photos based on three site specific installations she made in 2021: at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam, at Expo Bart in Nijmegen and at a ppr oc he in Paris.

Marleen has a keen eye for the disconcerting quality of seemingly mundane, everyday spaces. Central to her work is the examination of impersonal environments – places that could simultaneously be everywhere and nowhere. Marleen’s artistic practice gradually evolved from photographing these spaces to intervening with them. She frequently reuses location-specific materials in her installations, such as panels from dropped ceilings, carpet tiles, fluorescent lighting tubes and glass wool. She plays with perspectives, optical illusions and scale. In recent works, she has increasingly blurred the line between her 2D photo and her spatial art, with the result of calling into question the visual aspect of reality.

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Unseen Amsterdam 2022