Choki Lindberg

During an era in which we have found ourselves confined to our homes by necessity, Choki Lindberg went in search of houses in the ten most densely populated cities in the world. Zooming in further and further on the metropolitan anthill, she arrived at individual façades, behind which personal lives are led. Small worlds of their own that make up a part of the bigger whole.

Choki’s photographs depict the tragedy and beauty of decay. Her empty interiors are void of human presence, yet traces of its inhabitants become visible through the deserted objects decorating these places. But unlike her earlier work that contained a certain romantic or nostalgic undertone, for the series 10 HOUSES, Choki photographs the houses against a stark white background. Stripped of their city context, the buildings drift in nothingness. Are they personal portraits without distraction or the house as an empty shell?

• Recent exhibitions at Galerie Bart: KunstRAI 2022Two Parts Impossible, One Part May Be 2021 • KunstRAI 2021 • The Great Photography Special 2020 • Elsewhere 2019.


Choki Lindberg, born in 1979, currently lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Choki graduated from the Fatamorgana the Danish School of Art Photography, Copenhagen in 1997, and the International Center of Photography, New York in 1999. In 2006, she got her BFA of at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.

Since then, Choki’s work has been exhibited in galleries in Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands. In the striking exhibition Carte Blanche, 2017 at Thottske Palais Copenhagen, the interior inspired her to create a transformation of that space in her artwork, while for her solo Elsewhere in 2019, Bart’s gallery space showcasing her work received an actual transformation. In the same year, Choki’s work was shortlisted as one of the 4 artists for the BBA Photography Prize, as part of the group exhibition at Berlin Blue Art Gallery.

Choki Lindberg’s work includes autonomous art, photography, art direction, stage-, prop- and graphic design. Between 2009 and 2015, she was a lecturer at the Fatamorgana Danish School of Photographic art. Galerie Bart has in 2019 renewed the collaboration with Choki Lindberg, after previously having shown her graduation work in Nijmegen in 2006.

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2022 •
13.01 Het Parool Een enorm roombroodje gepresenteerd als architectonisch hoogtepunt by Edo Dijksterhuis.

2019 •
23.06 Arts Talk Magazine Elsewhere – Choki Lindberg at the BART Gallery in Amsterdam by Elaine Zheng.

2017 •
20.03 Kunstnerisk frihed, Franske gobeliner & Security check by Rikke Luna and Matias Albæk-Falk.
16.03 catalogue Carte Blanche Interview Choki Lindberg – Grand Salon and Please wait here by Natalia Gutman.

2014 •
08.08 Blackbird Film A moment with Choki Lindberg, video portret by Blackbird.

Choki Lindberg