photo basel 2022

photo basel 2022

Choki Lindberg, Marleen Sleeuwits, Lola Keyezua

art fair

14.06.2022 19.06.2022

Yes! It’s time for another art fair. Galerie Bart is once again present at Photo Basel. We are participating with artworks by Choki Lindberg, Marleen Sleeuwits and Lola Keyezua. You can find us at stand no. 15.

photo basel strives to include and combine galleries that are young as well as those that are renowned, Swiss exhibitors as well as international ones, those with a bold contemporary program as well as others with strong historic positions. The fair aims to provide its visitors and collectors with the ultimate chance to connect with galleries whose respective exhibition programs demonstrate a strong predilection for translating the DNA of momentous photographic practices, historic and contemporary, as well as a gift for revealing talents, from emerging or previously overlooked to underrated or established.


Marleen her photos do not offer a window to a world through which you look outside. Rather, it is the other way around: that other world comes to you and takes over the space without being asked. In this way she explores the boundaries between two- and three-dimensionality. Where a spatial object acquires a certain flatness, the flat surface of the photo increasingly takes shape. ‘’For me it’s all about the translation from space to photo and vice versa.’’ Marleen expose spaces, even fillet them and understand them bit by bit. And then it’s the spectator’s turn. By scanning the work for clues, he or she can get to grips with it. Only to get completely lost again in dizzying, repetitive reversals.


After graduating at the Royal Academy in The Hague in 2014, Lola Keyezua returned to Luanda, where she lived from 2015 to 2019. This offered her the opportunity to research black identity and the black body. The artist has explored several media through the years, which carefully exhibited Keyezua’s emotions and influences inspired by life in Angola/Africa. The female body continues to be the start of her creative process as a source of inspiration, seeking to portrait pain and her very own version of a female revolution.


Choki Lindberg’s photographs appear at first glance to depict interiors, often in a state of decay, void of human presence. The work is full of detail and fragmented stories. There are traces left behind, and we are invited to investigate and to associate freely. However, once we stop to study the details, an odd dimension surfaces. The proportions appear warped. Textures are exaggerated and there’s a clumsiness to the objects. And slowly the artifice begins to unravel.. What we see, are in fact meticulously crafted small-scale sets. Built by hand, every object is deliberately placed. The lighting carefully constructed. It is a visual deceit, in a language of its own, that questions reality and our notions of permanence. 


Photo Basel takes place from June 14 – 19. Check out their website for more information and tickets.

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photo basel 2022