The Great Photography Special

The Great Photography Special

11 photographers

group exhibition

03.09.2020 27.09.2020

This September, in The Great Photography Special, 11 photographers, who all explore the limits of the medium of photography, will show new and never before exhibited work. With special recording techniques, performance, a play between camera and spacial installation and social themes approached from an unique perspective, they repeatedly manage to surprise the viewer.

The participating artists are: Alexandra Hunts, Choki Lindberg, Femke Dekkers, Henk Wildschut, Isabelle Wenzel, Jannemarein Renout, Katarina Juričić, Kuno Grommers, Lola Keyezua, Marleen Sleeuwits and Tibor Dieters. Each photographer shows a maximum of four photos, two of which are offered in a higher edition. The prices of these special editions are between € 150,- and € 250,-.

The exhibition will open together with the exhibitions of all other galleries participating in the Gallery Viewer ‘Opening Gallery Season Event’ on Thursday, September 3 between 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM, and will be on view until September 27.

• More about Alexandra HuntsChoki LindbergFemke DekkersHenk WildschutIsabelle WenzelJannemarein RenoutKatarina JuričićKuno Grommers • Lola Keyezua • Marleen SleeuwitsTibor Dieters.


Exhibition opening party

• Thursday, 03.09.20: 17.00 / 21.00

Art works coming soon!

The Great Photography Special