Kevin Bauer

The practice of artist Kevin Bauer is a continuous investigation of form, in terms of traditional sculpture: how volume relates to space, to other volumes in space and how humans relate to both. Yet his approach is far from traditional. ‘I assemble my sculptures from separate elements, aiming for compositions that come across as prototypes, as steps in a process of subsequent configurations. My sculptures play with the visual language of practical functionality, a familiarity connecting them to industrial design, architecture and construction.’ 

‘I enjoy questioning the objects that surround us: how does their function connect to the elements they are constructed from? I reverse-engineer and transform parts that are industrially produced, decontextualising them, removing their practical application and employing them as visual elements. My creative process is directed by ‘material intuïtion’. I started out using found objects and materials that I deconstructed, modified or imitated. Nowadays I manufacture virtually all components of the works myself, applying different techniques, from traditional molding techniques to industrial processes. Through experiment I explore the characteristics of a wide range of materials. I play with the typical, recognisable visual and tactile qualities of materials, aiming to create dynamic and unpredictability through juxtaposition, similarity, simulacra, and strong contrasts between organic and geometrical shapes, surfaces, roughness and finesse.’ 

Kevin states that his work refers to industrial mass production, commerce and consumerism and touches on the distinction we make between functional and non-functional objects: the underlying categorization that also determines our definition of visual art. ‘The designed environment in which we live, the manufacturability of our physical living environment, is the subject I think about and want to question.’

• Recent exhibitions at Galerie Bart: Without the Promise of Success 2022 • Art Pong 20-20 at Expo Bart Nijmegen.


Kevin Bauer, born in 1987, in Apeldoorn, currently lives and works in The Hague. In 2013 he completed his bachelor at AKI Arte Academy of Art and Design in Enschede, after having graduated from CIBAB Vakcollege, Zwolle in 2008.

Since then Kevin has been showing his work all over the Netherlands, solo and in group exhibitions. His solo and duo exhibitions include the 2020 ‘Alles Easy’ duo show / project with Samuel Treindl at Hase29, Osnabrück, DE, ‘Ongebraukelijk’, duo with Melle Aussems at LOGMAN gallery Utrecht in 2019, ‘Vormaliteit’, solo at Stichting Concordia Kunst & Cultuur in Enschede and ‘Vormaliteit2’, solo at Stichting 37PK, Platvorm voor Kunsten in Haarlem in 2018 and ‘Aplomb’, solo at Moira Expositieruimte in Utrecht in 2015. Galerie Bart has been working with Kevin since ‘Nieuwe Oogst 2013’ exhibiting his work in group shows ‘De Taal van Materiaal’, 2015 and ‘Point of View’, 2016 and the recent duo show and project ‘Art Pong 20-20’ with Harry Markusse at Expobart Nijmegen in 2020.

Kevin stayed as artist in residence in 2017 for NPO Radio 4 de Torenkamer, at VondelCS in Amsterdam and won second price in the contest for a permanent sculpture for the public space in Spaarndam, by tje Municipality Haarlem. In 2016 he received the Stipend for Young Talent by the Mondriaan Fund and the Stroom Pro Invest stipend by Stroom, the Hague, after having received the International Outstanding Student In Contemporary Sculpture Award by Grounds For Sculpture, Hamilton, New Jersey, US in 2013. His work has been included in the collections of AKZO Nobel Art Foundation, Amsterdam, Collection Gallery Nouvelles Images, The Hague, Art collection Amsterdam Court of Law, Amsterdam and several (inter)national private collections.

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2018 •
20.09 Keep an Eye Foundation Spacemakers by Deborah van den Herik.
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2017 •
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27.03 Kunstvereniging Diepenheim, De Roskam Waar de Hand Zingt’ is een ode aan de kunst.
22.03 Mister Motley Waar de Hand Zingt by Wieke Teselink.




Kevin Bauer