Art Rotterdam 2024

Art Rotterdam 2024

Marleen Sleeuwits, Kevin Bauer, Nomin Zezegmaa

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01.02.2024 04.02.2024

Galerie Bart is proud to present Marleen Sleeuwits, Nomin Zezegmaa and Kevin Bauer in a group presentation at Art Rotterdam 2024. Whereas previously, both Marleen and Kevin focused most on manufactured elements in this world, such as architecture and  street furniture in public spaces, now their attention is drawn to what nature has produced. Thus, they are approaching Nomin’s theme and working method: exploring how man and nature relate to each other in contemporary society. Struck by this development, we wanted these three artists to meet in the presentation at Art Rotterdam.

Marleen Sleeuwits (1980, NL) was approached by Centre Photographique in Rouen (FR) for a residency and tasked with delving into local cultural heritage. The result was presented together with her previous work in Centre Photographique at the end of 2023.

Her new work, which she is now showing at Art Rotterdam, focuses on geology in its broadest sense. The link between in her research was the typical type of limestone found along the Seine. She visited local abandoned mining caves along the Seine and gothic architecture made from the stone. Marleen then translated these into her signature style. With her bold use of colour and abstracted architectural structures, she creates a poetic visual narrative.

Nomin Zezegmaa (1992, DE/MN) explores the connections between history, the natural world and spiritual dimensions, drawing inspiration from Mongolian cosmogony. She uses natural elements like earth, wooden branches, stones, minerals, and natural fibres. Through her diverse art practices, she aims to encourage viewers to think about us as human beings and our bodies and their impact on the natural world.

The presentation exemplifies her diverse art practice, as she shows drawing, canvas, film and installation. This body of work is testament to her versatility and quality as an artist.

Kevin Bauer (1987, NL) uses his work to reflect on the relentlessly growing prosperity and its consequences. He has also become fascinated by big monuments and disused infrastructures, in which these elements bear witness to lost civilisations. He draws inspiration from themes of impermanence, erosion and ageing. Kevin manipulates his subjects and creates compositions that play with time, space and function. 

During Art Rotterdam, Kevin shows small sculptures on the wall and stones placed in space. These works are part of the series Civiliet (Ci), referring to the periodic table of elements. With these objects, Kevin wonders what can be found in the present era in the distant future, while also questioning the extent of contemporary production. In addition to this series, Kevin also presents the wall object Memorism #4, a continuation of the eponymous series he started in 2022. This series arises from his observations of peculiarities in urban spaces.

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