BIG ART 2021

BIG ART 2021

Cindy Bakker & Marleen Sleeuwits, Wim Jacobs, Eirik Jahnsen

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30.09.2021 03.10.2021

We are very pleased to be part of BIG ART again, where we will present four artists and their latest work: Cindy Bakker and Marleen Sleeuwits in a collaboration, Wim Jacobs and Eirik Jahnsen. All three artists will present large scale artworks in their own discipline.

Cindy Bakker and Marleen Sleeuwits were invited to make a big installation on location at Expo Bart in Nijmegen, our second location. Inspired by the history of the building that houses the project space, that is the Honig Factory, Marleen and Cindy gave free rein to their imaginations and shaped the Folly Factory. The huge interactive installation, where visitors are invited to move pallets with big colourful blocks around, complement the event location of BIG ART as well: the Project.Fabriek, and old munition factory.

Wim Jacobs uses his visual elements sparingly. His canvases are not densely painted but instead exhibit a relative emptiness from which forms and colours emerge. As a counterbalance to the carefulness with which he applies details to the canvas, there is an element of spontaneity, however. ‘I continually question my work, seeking images, building and constructing. I look for a long time, wait before making choices, but occasionally take risks in which strokes of luck and coincidence can play a role.’

Material research and experimentation form the basis of Eirik Jahnsen’s artistic practise, wherein he acts as an alchemist in search of the right substance to make unexpected shapes, colours and perspectives. In this way he pushes the possibilities of the material and our perception. His metal sculptures embody a contrast between strength and fragility, combining the intangible characteristics of light and the physicality of solid objects.

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BIG ART 2021