How to See the Sea

How to See the Sea

Katarina Juričić

solo exhibition

17.06.2021 17.07.2021

On the swell of the waves, the sunlight breaks up into countless nuggets of gold. A yellow submarine dives beneath the surface and slowly descends into the depths, where the clear blue water gradually grows darker, colder and stiller. As your eyes become accustomed to the darkness, you discern deep shades of blue that are as mesmerizing as the sparkle of the gold above, while muted sounds find your ears. Welcome in Katarina Juričić’s space-filling underwater installation at Galerie Bart.

Katarina Juričić (b. 1994 Zagreb, Croatia) spent entire summers on an island off the Croatian coast. ‘During those months I had a different mindset. When you’re away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you have time to contemplate, while all that you see is sun and sea.’ The sun was the subject matter of the photo series ‘Orange and Blue’, her graduation project in 2019. Now she is focusing on the sea. ‘The light, the colours… the sea has always fascinated me. Under water, we lose our typical human characteristics; you can’t breathe or walk there. You have to adjust in order to move forward.’

The sea is a domain about which we still know relatively little, even though oceans span the entire earth and link the continents. The mystery of the sea has exerted a great attraction on us throughout the ages, from the beauty of the setting sun in the water to the fear that a wildly swirling sea under a thundery sky instils in us. ‘I’m not the only one who is fascinated by this natural phenomenon. With my work, I like to call into question the clichéd images we know of it, while on the other hand I emphasize its mystery. The resulting minimalist images play with the perception of the viewer, who wonders: What is real and what isn’t?’

Special Events.

17.07.21 – 27.06.21: Amsterdam Art Week:

How to See the Sea will open during the Amsterdam Art Week, where next to many other events, all galleries will have the same opening hours, so you are able to visit many galleries. The ambiance will be festive and you are welcome to join us for a drink. The joint opening hours during this week are:

Thursday June 17 : 14.00 – 19.00 hrs.
Friday, June 18 to Sunday June 27: 12.00 – 19.00 hrs (including  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday).

• At the same time on show at Galerie, are solo exhibition Play Doh’s Cave by Sanne Maloe Slecht and garden group exhibition Overflowing Overgrowth.

Ungoing screening of short film The Mermaid by Timna Tomiša:

During the Amsterdam Art Week, The Mermaid is premiering and ongoing on view in the gallery. As part of the series of shorts – Break your glass slippers, that investigates the legacy of confinement of female protagonists in fairy tales, we are not served a sweet, doe-eyed creature that is willing to sacrifice her voice and integrity for a man. Instead, she is enjoying well deserved me-time, with a joint and several glasses of wine that she breaks with her voice. She’s a bit bad, but she is her own boss. Starring Katarina Juričić.

• Read more about filmmaker Timna Tomiša on her website.

Artist talk with Katarina Juričić and Sanne Maloe Slecht: 

Sunday June 20: 14:30
RSPV required
Max 10 attendees + online streaming

On Sunday June 20 we invite our visitors to join the artist talk with Sanne Maloe Slecht and Katarina Juričić, both opening their first solo exhibitions at Galerie Bart with the start of the Amsterdam Art Week on June 17. Both artists will reveal their thoughts behind their work and answer questions from the public. The conversation will be moderated by Merel de Kok, director of Galerie Bart.

Workshop Carousel lamp making with Katarina Juričić:

Saturday, June 26: 13:30 -15:30
RSPV required, click here
Max 10 attendees
Entrance fee € 5,- including materials

Under guidance of Katarina Juričić, the attendants will create their own artistic carousel lamp, projecting their creations on the space around, inspired by the underwater world, with a focus on sculptural photography and the play of light and colour.

How to See the Sea