Overflowing Overgrowth

Overflowing Overgrowth

Eirik Jahnsen, Ferdinand Makouvia, Natasha Rijkhoff, Tanja Smeets

garden group exhibition

17.06.2021 09.10.2021

A garden has many facets. Plants and trees flourish, animals make it their habitat and structures deteriorate under the influence of sunshine and rainfall. Most of all, it’s a tiny piece of nature under influence of and in dialogue with its maker. These primal themes form the common ground on which the four artists presented in this exhibition build their work. They create their sculptures through an organic process, intuitive, as to mimic the growth patterns of the natural world. Artists Kokou Ferdinand Makouvia (1989, TG), Tanja Smeets (1963, NL), Natasha Rijkhoff’s (1994, NL) and Eirik Jahnsen (1985, NO) are presenting each their own way of perceiving reality and the outdoors, inviting you to step outside in Galerie Bart’s first garden exhibition.

• At the same time, in the gallery you can visit solo exhibition Play Doh’s Cave by Sanne Maloe Slecht,
and solo exhibition How to See the Sea by Katarina Juričić.

Special events.

17.07.21 – 27.06.21: Amsterdam Art Week

• More information following soon.

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Overflowing Overgrowth