Jubilee exhibition 20 years Bart

Jubilee exhibition 20 years Bart

Britte Koolen, Choki Lindberg, Eirik Jahnsen, Femke Dekkers, Hemaseh Manawi Rad, Henk Wildschut, Isabelle Wenzel, Jannemarein Renout, Jeppe Lauge, Rotteveel Vermeer, Kevin Bauer, Kuno Grommers, Lawrence James Bailey, Marleen Sleeuwits, Nomin Zezegmaa, Sanne Maloe Slecht, Sjaak Kooij, Tamara Muller, Tim Wunderink, Toni van Tiel, Wim Jacobs

group exhibition

29.06.2023 23.07.2023

This year, Expo and Galerie Bart are celebrating a twenty-year milestone in the art world. In 2003, Bart started out with a vision of wanting to provide young artists with a space to tell their stories and present their artworks. When opening his first gallery Bart kunst in huis close to home, he knew that he wanted to set up shop in the capital, closer to “the action”. He needed less than five years to make that a reality. Over the course of the following years, the original branch left the fairs and sales to the Jordanese outpost in order to establish a space for large-scale projects and artistic experiments instead.

Some name changes, address changes and twenty years later, Expo Bart in Nijmegen and Galerie Bart in Amsterdam are places embedded in the core of the Dutch art landscape, where everyone is welcome to enjoy and admire contemporary art by artists both young and young at heart.

To celebrate this, we will open a jubilee exhibition on Thursday 29 June 2023. Discover a big variety of artworks created by artists we collaborate with. The artworks presented have a symbolic size of 20 x 20 cm and will exclusively be shown at our gallery. So be sure to be the first one to check them out during the festive opening. This event will also be a unique opportunity to have a drink with the artists themselves as most will be present during the opening!

In addition, we are organizing special events during our Jubilee year, from the reopening of Expo Bart in Nijmegen, to studio visits and a artist talk by one of our artists. 


29.06.2023 / 17.00 – 22.00: Opening group exhibition Jubilee exhibition 20 years Bart.

Bart is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and you are invited! On June 29 we will open a special jubilee exhibition with music performances, drinks and food!
17.00: Opening jubilee exhibition
18.00: Music performance by Fernando Olivera
19.00: Music by Edgar Ramiro

We’ve invited Fernando Olivera to do a musical performance. He runs ANT- Physical Theatre Company, founded in Amsterdam in 2016 with the intent of bringing together classical and contemporary references through different arts— dance, theatre and music improvisation. During the opening event, Fernando and percussionist Felipe Duarte will perform music from their project called ‘foreign sound.’ A special performance dedicated solely to one of the most famous Brazilian music styles – Bossa Nova. The performance has at its core a rhythm based on samba, also influenced by jazz music.

As the evening progresses, Edgar Ramiro will take over the music. His main focus has always been to break through the boundaries of genres and cultures. This way he unites people and inspires them with music they might have never heard before. Bringing such a wide range of sounds and styles, and mixing this in his own unique style, he will always find ways to surprise people and set any dancefloor on fire. Edgar Ramiro is born in Amsterdam, coming from a mixed-race family with roots in Surinam, Curaçao, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Around the age of 18 he started collecting vinyl, mainly because he inherited a collection of records from his Aunt from Curaçao. While cleaning up and listening to these records, he learned more about his own cultural background. The collection contained a wide range of Caribbean Music, Surinamese Music, Soukous, Zouk, Soul/Funk, Disco, Reggae and Afrobeat.

13.07.2023: Artist Talk
Galerie Bart is pleased to invite you to listen to the conversation between Taco Hidde Bakker and Jannemarein Renout. Jannemarein, in her work, tries to playfully visualize time. Daylight and weather conditions are her medium. Her instruments are ‘time-machines’, known to us as flatbed scanners, which she places outdoors. For nineteen minutes the scanner registers the changes in its environment and depicts them as an image. But it also registers time that passes. Her work is not only about the image that results from this process. She also tries to question time. It is about that moment between the past and the future.

We invited writer, translator, teacher and curator Taco Hidde Bakker to engage into a conversation with Jannemarein about her work. Taco and Jannemarein have crossed paths with each other before, as Taco wrote an article about Jannemarein’s work in Foam Magazine #49 in 2018. Since then Jannemarein’s work has evolved visually as well as conceptually. Instead of giving meaning to the work, the work slowly reveals its meaning to her. It is a continuous dance between woman, machine and time.

Jannemarein hopes that this conversation with Taco will get her closer to the essence of her work. The talk also symbolizes her start of creating a publication about her work, which will cover her practice since her graduation in 2014.

Doors open: 18:45
Start of conversation: 19:00
End of the event: 20:00
Location: Galerie Bart – Elandsgracht 16, Amsterdam

RSVP by sending an email to info@galeriebart.nl

09.09.2023: Reopening of Expo Bart at the NYMA in Nijmegen
Expo Bart is a project space for contemporary art, where visitors can experience multidisciplinary art projects. Here, artists are challenged to push boundaries, experiment and seek collaboration with other art disciplines. On Sept. 9, the brand new space opens on the NYMA site in Nijmegen.

Postponed to September: Artist Studio Visits
Very exciting studio visits coming up! Visit the workspaces of our artists! Kevin BauerMarleen Sleeuwits and Jochem Rotteveel & Thomas Vermeer are opening up their studio to show you a bit behind the scenes and tell you about their work.

Stay tuned for times and signing up for the studio visits.




Jubilee exhibition 20 years Bart