Amsterdam Art Gallery Weekend 2020

Amsterdam Art Gallery Weekend 2020

Susanna Inglada • Jisan Ahn • Margriet Craens

exhibition • performance

26.11.2020 29.11.2020

This November, the very first Amsterdam Art Gallery Weekend takes place. From 26-29 November 2020, Amsterdam’s finest art galleries and the artists they represent, are put in the spotlight through a high quality curated program which includes exhibitions, editions and an online program of talks, tours and performances. Central to the program are the 27 participating galleries that are presenting their most cutting-edge exhibitions. During the weekend galleries present an extraordinary and affordable limited edition artwork as well, which is on show both online and in the gallery.

During the Amsterdam Art Gallery Weekend Galerie Bart presents two solo exhibitions in the gallery. “Crowds” by Susanna Inglada and “Everyday” by Jisan Ahn. Susanna will show large cut-out drawings, which she places in the space like the stage decor for a play. Her focus is on the mechanisms of power and corruption. With his oil paintings, Jisan reflects on the situation in which we currently find ourselves throughout the world. Despite these dark times, his work has become more colourful, while what previously took place indoors now occurs in a more landscape-like setting – one with a limited range, however, situated in the nearby urban environment.

Bar No. 5, an installation and performance by Margriet Craens, will be the eye of the storm against the mass violence of Susanna Inglada and the damaged landscapes of Jisan Ahn. The visitor can sit down on a bar stool at the black lacquered, shiny bar and talk to the bartender. Through short personal sessions based on the Social Hygiene course, which the artist has also completed herself, the guest can not only discuss issues that are bothering him or her, but also solve them together with the bartender. Unusual glass drink bottles are displayed in the liquor cabinet behind the bar. Each bottle represents an emotion and will be used to support the sessions.

Margriet Craens will release a special edition especially for the Amsterdam Art Gallery Weekend: Bottle no. 21. This Bottle stems from the earlier work Bar no. 5 . The first twenty are placed in the cabinet of Bar No. 5, where they act as a tool to discuss personal experiences of the bar guests. 

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Opening hours.

Thursday, 26.11.20: 17.00 / 20.00: Gallery Night
Friday, 27.11.20: 12.00 / 18:00
Saturday, 28.11.20: 12:00 / 18:00
Sunday, 29.11.20: 12:00 / 17:00

• Following government regulations due to the COVID-19 virus, reservations to enter the gallery are NOT required, but the gallery will allow a maximum of 12 visitors inside at the same time. Please wear a face mask when entering the gallery. We are also taking the other necessary precautions for hygiene. Please remain at a safe distance of 1.5 meters to others, thank you!

Amsterdam Art Gallery Weekend 2020