photo basel 2021

photo basel 2021

Lola Keyezua, Isabelle Wenzel, Henk Wildschut

art fair

21.09.2021 26.09.2021

We are very proud to be present at photo basel for the very first time. There we will present photography works by Lola Keyezua, Isabelle Wenzel and Henk Wildschut.

Inspired by interactions with her own grandmother, Lola Keyezua has been exploring female sexuality among the elderly. In every culture there are many taboos surrounding the woman as a sexual being. One of the less discussed taboos is sexuality among older women, who are preferably placed in the categories of mother and sweet old grandmother. That sweet old grandmother also has sexual needs should not be openly expressed and certainly not talked about.

The central focus of the photographs of Isabelle Wenzel is the body as a physical form, rather than people themselves. By making a photograph, she freezes a pose in time as it were, and in doing so she draws attention to the sculptural qualities of the body. Usually, Isabelle sets her own body before the camera, giving away her acrobatic skills.

Photographer Henk Wildschut’s work is characterized by a contemplative and often distant view on the people and situations he photographs. This adds a balance and monumental quality to his photographs that invite the viewer to further reflect on the subject. In 2005 he started a long-term projects around European illegal immigration. When visiting several refugee camps across the world, Henk was intrigued by the need for domesticity. Small gardens were created around the tents and these gardens turned out to be a universal phenomenon, symbols of hope and resilience.

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photo basel 2021